Tuesday 22 November 2022


Running is one of the best forms of excercise for the body. Consistency increase stamina,strengthens your joints and importantly keeps both your body and mind,fit and healthy.

Running isn’t an easy thing to get into and I can definitely vouch for that,so something I did to improve my running was get a tredmill

Having a tredmill at home allows me to run anytime I want, in between work, when it’s pouring it down - no excuses :)

So, 5 reasons why you should get one too…

Running can get hard on the muscles and joints when you start. Concrete streets haven’t got the support you need when starting out.Regular running outside for newbies can put a lot of stress on the body when doing so on a hard surface. A tredmil is the perfect running starter kit :) 

You can run whenever you want to!. Not everyone loves running in the rain, I know I dont, so being able to get my steps in and get a good run or walk into my day come rain or shine is brilliant.

That rain,it’s cold,wet and if you live anywhere like I do, the streets get so slippery It’s honestly an accident waiting to happen this time of year and I really don’t get out for a run come these colder months.

I don’t know about you but if I’ve not got a podcast to listen to,running can sometimes feel a bit boring. Plonk your tredmil in front of the television and catch up on the latest soaps or better yet, stick a Christmas movie on - who said exercise had to be dull right?.

I’ve wrote about my S.A.D and ways to help your seasonal affective disorder this winter, one of them being exercise,but when you are in that low mood already, the last thing you want to do is go the gym. A tredmil at home has literally saved me this past week and a 30 minute run whilst feeling blue has definitely helped shift that mood.

The tredmill I have is the space saver one with no bars which is perfect for sliding into small spaces :)


  1. I don't think I would be running much on a treadmill, but I do think walking more especially when it's around the house and a bit too cold to go outside is a great idea. I've wanted to get one of those compact ones without a stand so they can slide under the sofa when not in use x

  2. I have to walk the dogs every day so get my walking tthat way, and I just do not run it is a cause of amusement in my house if I do. But they are a great idea if you do not get out each day