Wednesday 16 November 2022


It’s no secret the girls and I are absolute book worms!. We’ve always got books on our Christmas list and I thought I’d do a round up of some books that I know will be a hit this year :)

The lost wish is definitely this year’s must have magical story. Join Siena, her loyal loving dog Buddy and her best friend Gabi as they inadvertently set off on a remarkable journey through a mystical land that’s filled with adventures.

The girls are going to love this one, especially as they enter Elf-land!.

The Golden Rule is a book that explores the unification of a common principle- treat others how you wish to be treated yourself. 

I love the concept of this book and I have a copy that I am currently reading. I would definitely recommend it this Christmas:)

Home is awful, school is worse but then Trevor meets Midge,a peregrine falcon in danger and finds out he has a gift that could change his life forever.

Thrown into a heart of a magical adventure that could promise freedom, it’s got you wanting to read more hasn’t it?. Alessia is going to love this one called Spellboda :)

This one was on my Christmas list :) . How to be spiritual and not be a dick is one for the book collection this December. 

Self help and spiritual books can sometimes feel overwhelming but this one is interspersed with quotes from Drag Race’s Ru Paul and Tony Ortega making working on yourself and self help feel fun and something you’ll love!.

One for the littles that’ll get them learning their words and reading, but also making it super fun with the activities. 

The Orchard toys activity books are a great gift and perfect for the little ones to keep them occupied over the Christmas holidays .

Are you into politics?.So Being Woake is about a chap named Sebastian, a successful barrister, a reluctant politicians and a man struggling with political correctness. 

It follows his rollercoaster of a journey and definitely a book that has you laughing out loud :) 

I’d love to know what books are on your Christmas list this year :) 


  1. I find I no longer have time to read which is a shame. It's great that you guys have discovered some great books. My son would love the activity book.

  2. i have not seen any of these books and I know a few people who would love these, and children who would love the activity set

  3. My niece is a book worm, so she is getting all the Jackie Wilson books, which she did ask for x

  4. I do like getting stuck into a good festive book at Christmas; makes the whole time seem all the more enchanting.