Monday 14 November 2022


 Now it’s the kiddie’s turn. I know we have all started shopping for the little ones. It’s definitely essential to start as early as possible isn’t it to make it affordable and also less stressful right?.

So first up is Nila’s current obsession. Babies!. It’s definitely a thing at Christmas and I think every little girl wants to add some kind of doll to their collection. 

The cry babies fantasy doll range is perfect. They cry real water tears and make 10+ realistic baby noises when you remove the dummy / so cute!.

Anything to go with crafts or growing something is always a cool gift isn’t it?. It’s something to do as well when you are busy with Christmas dinner :)

Science mad crystal growing lab looks epic.Discover and learn about growing your very own crystals. The kit contains everything you need to grow all different colours and types of beautiful crystals. A great STEM toy for this year.

Orchard toys are always my go to for Christmas gifts for the girls.The Christmas Eve box is one they haven’t got yet and Nila LOVES her Xmas games. 

Take it in turns to fill up your ingredients sheet before baking your yummy treat for the elves. It also includes a super cute jigsaw and a colouring book too. Fantastic little gift set.

Bath goodies are a must for everyone at Christmas. Bubble bath and bath bombs, we all love them .You can’t beat a Christmas bubble bath after a day of playing with all your toys :)

Mini U have the most amazing range of bubble bath, shampoos, bath fizzers and bath bombs. What I love the most is that it’s all suitable for sensitive and eczema prone skin and it all smells so good!.

The Magicube geomag is great for not only fun over the festive season but it’s also great for the little ones to keep their brains active!.

Nila loves maths at the minute and for any little math magicians out there, this magic building maths set with over 55 pieces will definitely keep your little ones going over the holidays.

Another fun one from Geomag is the original construction magnetic toy.Unlimited play and the creations you can come up with are endless.

This set has over 42 pieces, super colourful and comes in a storage box! Bonus for all parents right? :)

For all the miraculous fans out there. You can now collect the whole gang with these really cool miraculous figures.

Moveable limbs for them superhero moves. Tons of accessories and definitely the coolest action figures out right now :)

Anyone else’s kids obsessed with Twilight daycare?. They are so popular and the doll collection is the cutest thing!.

Reveal 1 of 7 mystery characters from this exclusive drop from the game. Dolls range from common to rare. Will you find the rare Golden Baby, Lil Richard?. Definitely the ultimate Christmas present!

New clothes are a must for my girlies. They love getting new pieces to wear Christmas Day. How cute are these Santa leggings from Blade & Rose. So cute under a little Christmas dress :)

Fingers and toes crossed these gift ideas will help along the way of making your kiddie’s stash super cool this year :) 


  1. I am loving these Christmas gift ideas. The selection is so nice. I am sure any kid receiving these will be delighted.

  2. These are great. I especially love the Geomag set because it gets kids exctied about learning.

  3. We have done the crystal garden before. I like the look of those geomags.

  4. Some love gift ideas on here and some lovely ideas to add to my grandchildrens presents. I love the Christmas Eve set as well

  5. My son is obsessed with crystals. So a crystal growing kit would really make a lovely gift for him.

  6. The magic cube is super cool! I love the idea...I am seriously considering for my son, I bet he would enjoy it...

  7. Some great gifts for kids. I have a few friends with kids now and for the younger ones I've mainly gone with clothes as it seemed like a simpler bet x

  8. A baby that cries real tears. Now that's a gift to give. I still remember most of my dolls from Christmas. It was always so special to get them.

  9. These are some cool gifting ideas for kids. I have a small nephew and I usually pick clothes or some games for him. Now I have more options to gift him.

  10. My boys love Geomag - fun and educational which is great!! Also that Crystal Growing lab looks great

    Laura x