Saturday 12 November 2022


 Fridays are my day off and I was determined to not use it to clean the house , sort the laundry or any other boring adult chore!.

I haven’t taken myself out for so long or had any time to just be me and do some things I enjoy. I took the girls to school and headed into town for a Starbucks for breakfast.

Skinny latte and a ham and cheese crossannt whilst I scrolled on my phone - it was honestly bliss :)

Christmas shopping time. I’m feeling so Christmassy now I’ve been into town. All the Xmas songs are playing in the shops and they have their decorations up. Are you a Christmas as early as possible kinda person or a 12 days before?.

I actually did pretty good and managed to pick up some really good bargains. Primark have some lovely present ideas in. 

I then had a look at what was on the cinema and took myself on a date. I haven’t been to the cinema alone for years, it use to be my absolute favourite thing but life and work gets in the way and it’s like we forget the joys we use to have.

I brought a few snacks and ended up watching the barbarian- the most odd film I have ever seen but it was lovely to do something different and almost recuperate. 

Mezz picked me up and we got the girlies from school. Fridays are always pizza night and I usually pick some up from Sainsburys but we made pitta pizzas for a change as we had everything in and it was lush.

A Friday well spent and it’s honestly been such a lovely day and something I will definitely do more often :)


  1. It's so nice when you finally get me time. Its nice you enjoyed your shopping and time at the cinema.

  2. I agree, it is so important to take an actual day off from doing work and parenting stuff. Good on you!

  3. That sounds like the perfect Friday, well spent. I'm feeling so Christmassy too. I'm sure it's the warm sparkly lights that do it. Pitta pizza's sound like a delicious treat.

  4. I'm a Christmas early kind of person too. We have a weird schedule this year, so I put the tree up already and I'm thrilled with it.

  5. I have been feeling so christmassy as well! It's so great you got to spend some time on you!