Saturday 31 December 2022


 Winter and holiday season is all about staying cosy and embracing the drop in temperature. We pay attention to creating a warm and welcoming indoor space. But often times, we neglect our backyard and the outdoor area. Firepits are a creative solution for fine tuning your outdoor space and making it comfortable to sit with friends and family. The versatility of fire pits is not confined to only the decorative aspect - they also offer functionality. If you have abandoned your outdoor lounge because of the roaring intensity of winters - you can be experimental with fire pits and create a safe haven; outside of your home. While it might be a bit chilly outside - you don’t have to confine yourself indoors. 

Let’s dive into some creative ways you can use firepits for creating tranquility and warmth in the colder months:

  1. Long and wide cushioned benches

The general notion is to never set up the fire pit into the ground. But if done correctly, you can add long L-shaped wide cushioned benches around it. This will be ideal when you are hosting a large gathering. Ample seating arrangement is always a good idea so that the comfort of your guests is not compromised.

  1. Shabby Chic Look 

Mismatched bricks create an alluring vintage appeal. You can add wrought around the fire to give it the right finishing touches. The choice of seating matters in this case - a good idea is to look for floral patterns or printed covers. This is a very affordable way to utilise a fire pit and still make it look wonderful under a budget. 

  1. Pop Of Colour 

A brick patio design is a smart choice when you accentuate it with bright pops of colour on the seating arrangements. Cushion covers with bright colours will breathe life into the space and you can be as playful as you want while sticking to a more boho look. You can choose a round firepit for this look. Luckily, Forest Fuel offers firepits in the UK and you can talk to their team for a thorough consultation.

  1. Behind A Glass Fire Pit Look

Including glass and placing the firepit between it - can create a magical look. The reflection on the glass will enhance the overall ambiance. Ottoman chairs are a good fit for this look. The only drawback is that the glass can get hot after sometime. 

  1. Gas Fire Pit Installed Into The Patio

You can install the fire into the ground for a better outlook but this idea is not recommended if you have children. As the safety concern has to be taken care of properly in order to execute this design. Fire emitting from the ground - helps to create an unconventional look.

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