Saturday 28 January 2023


We love learning at home and have done for many years, having home schooled Kadiann for a while, it’s definitely something we gravitate towards and any kind of help we can give the children at home is always an added bonus right?.

For anyone that also loves learning at home, any teacher friends or home educators here, I have an amazing resource to share with you.

Creative fabrica subscription is as little as $2.99 for a whole entire year and in that subscription you get access to 13.2K worth of teaching resources, amazing right?.You can download 5 teaching resources every week which works out as 260 per year!.

The stuff on here is incredible and so much fun too!. One thing the girls and I love doing on the weekend is colouring, drawing and tracing. 

We’ve been using the print outs and have done tons of pages of tracing numbers and colouring in. It’s such a fantastic source to have at home.

Creative Fabrica’s mission is to make the world more creative, and rightly so!. As a nation, I think we have all fallen out of love and even forgot about our creative learning side.

I actually got a Cricut machine for Xmas and they even have some fantastic ideas and tips and tricks for me to get started up with that, so impressed with the platform and it’s definitely one we can all use as a family.

They believe that everyone should have access to high quality education, and teachers of course are the people who have the biggest impact in achieving that goal.

Having access to tools at home created by teachers is a fantastic idea and I absolutely love that you can earn as a teacher on this platform too!.

So with Creative Fabrica Teacher subscriptions, all the earnings, 100% of it goes back to the teachers offering the materials and support, incredible .

A really easy and affordable place to be and I’d love to know if you try it and what you think :)




  1. This sounds like an amazing service! My sister is a teacher so I will definitely share it with her. Thanks!

  2. Such a great resource for teachers or those who want to continue educating at home. Such a good price as well x

  3. They certainly have a great mission. Making the world a more creative place sounds a okay to me.

  4. I love my Creative Fabrica subscription. They have some of the best graphics.

  5. Everyone should have access to an education! What a lovely mission to be following.