Monday 30 January 2023


 Between drama clubs and IT lessons, your child has a packed schedule in school full of exciting classes. However, one that can get tossed to the side very quickly, is music lessons. Many look at music as an activity that is there for leisure and nothing more. But what if there was more to it? Music helps develop a variety of transferable skills that can be used both in school as well as in the workforce. Here is some advice from this independent school in Cambridge on the benefits of music lessons for schools.

It improves academic skills

When it comes to music and mathematics, there is a big correlation. By studying rhythms, beats and scales, children are able to learn how to recognise patterns and create fractions. As children get older, they will find themselves singing songs which calls on both their short- and long-term memory. The method of using music to practice and learn, can be applied to other memory skills too.

It develops social skills 

Music lessons require students to take part in group work. As they involve themselves in peer interaction, communication, and work in a team, they will find that their social skills grow. Music lessons teach children that everybody has a significant part, even if they are all working towards one shared goal. If a team member falls behind, they are encouraged to use their problem-solving skills to find the best solution. 

Teaches discipline and patience

Learning an instrument takes time. This is a great way to help children understand what delayed gratification is. Before getting up on a stage and performing in front of thousands of people, children need to understand that there is an endless amount of time where perseverance will be needed. This can be applied to other areas of education where time and patience is a requirement. 





  1. Lilly is learning Ukelele at school right now and absolutely loves it, she even has one at home too to practise on. I believe that every art should have its time being taught.

  2. I learned ballet as a child which definitely helped in many areas of my life. Way past school age now but I want to learn a musical instrument - for a number of reasons: pure pleasure, using my brain in a new way, I love music.