Wednesday 1 February 2023


 With only 2 weeks away, have you got Valentine’s Day sorted?, gifts? Or perhaps a dinner in and a cosy night for one.I’ve got a few gift ideas I wanted to share with you, whether you are buying for your other half or buying for yourself, self love and treats for one is something I am 100% an advocate for :)

My favourite has got to be new lingerie. It’s something about Valentine’s Day, putting on a new bra and feeling amazing right?. Pretty Polly have some gorgeous pieces of lingerie as well as cosy lounge wear , tights and everything you’ll need to feel SO good this Valentines :)

Flowers are a staple and a given!. Last minute flower shopping isn’t fun so why not order some online this year. Eflorist have the most beautiful flowers and what more , they are same day and next day delivery!.

For all the book worms, a book and some chocolates - heaven!. I’ve just read one day in December which was incredible and this one from the same author looks a real good read :)

They say jewellery is the key to a woman’s heart?, Sharkie & Bear have an array of earrings and what more,they are all handcrafted and vegan friendly.

A gift set with everything in it , sounds a bargain!. The Baylis and Harding citrus, lime and mint set smells divine!.

A night away planned?, so jealous :) .Take this Monogamy board game with you for an evening of fun!.

Night alone?, I’ve also got you covered. The Rose flix is the most beautiful looking vibrator you will ever own, and it’s so discreet too. 

A pamper night and soak in the bath with your favourite bath bomb and end the night with a luxurious shea butter from Avìela. 100% pure and smells incredible!.

I hope these ideas give you some inspiration and whatever you get upto , I hope you have a lovely day.


  1. Thank you for sharing some wonderful ideas for Valentine's. I'll have to leave this page open and hope he looks for inspiration!

  2. Flowers and books is my perfect combo at Valentine's Day. Some great gift ideas x

  3. I love to gift books on Valentine's day. I want Jay Shetty's book and I think it's a great gift idea too.

  4. Super love these gift ideas! The monogamy board game seems amazing! I will try to buy it.

  5. Great gift's nice to think outside the box a little! Thanks for sharing!

  6. This is such a great list. Flowers and jewelry are always awesome, but I'm definitely interested in the Monogamy game. I've never heard of it before.

  7. Oh wow I really love those earrings. The shapes and colors are really fun!

  8. Great ideas! Some that I would have never thought of. Cheers! - Yaya