Friday 3 February 2023


If you have been a regular reader for a while then you will already know that  I work from home and have done for a very long time. I absolutely love it and being able to be there for the girls and do school runs and not miss plays is a blessing and I will be forever grateful I get to do that. 

There are so many plus sides to working from home, but staying fit and healthy whilst sitting at a desk all day can be a challenge. I took on that challenge and thought I would share with you how I keep fit during a working week.

If I get chance I will get to the gym or go to a spin class, working from home can be lonely sometimes so getting out is great for the soul :)

First things first

Fuel Your Body

Make sure you are eating, and eating the right food too. A packet of crisps and a coffee for lunch isn't going to cut it, and if you are looking to start getting fit and want to see some body changes then you really need to be eating the right food.

Protein is key, protein smoothies are my favourite go to in the morning. For 40% off at Protein World , use my code PWKIRA. They have some really great sources of protein, including their new chocolate brownie bars, so good.

Meal Plan

Now I tend to do this on a Sunday whilst the roast dinner is cooking and the girls are on their iPads together playing a game of Roblox.

It doesn't have to be some really fancy meals that take 5 hours to prepare, keep it simple and it will be easy enough to achieve on a regular basis.

This weekend I will be doing overnight oats for breakfast, boiled eggs for lunches, which are great for on toast, or in a quick salad, turkey lasagne for a warm lunch or dinner if its been a busy day.

Prep some veggies, carrot sticks and some slices of watermelon and the week is good to go.


This one is something I struggle with on occasion and I really feel the difference when I don't get enough sleep. The more sleep you get the more rested you are, the better your mind and body function.

It also makes us feel more motivated to get on a walk on our break or move our bodies a little more. Nothing worse than running on 3 hours sleep and have a busy work day ahead, no one is thinking about keeping fit, right?, we all want our beds!.

Move Your Body

An alarm on my phone is sometimes needed for this one. I can honestly sit down at the start of the day, have a few meetings, get through my to do list and next thing you know its 2pm and I haven't even moved from my spot.

I will set an alarm to get up, or take 30 minutes and get on the treadmill whilst im checking over emails on my phone, its brilliant.

I invested in the space saving treadmill which is fantastic. It slides at the side of my fridge, so isn't in the way, and there is no excuse to not get a little run or walk in during my day.

You could also grab yourself a resistance band or some dumbbells from Facebook market place for real cheap or get a YouTube workout in on your break.

Once you make these changes into your day a few times , they will become routine, I promise you.

Let me know how you get on :)


  1. I am trying to get to 8 hours sleep schedule, I usually sleep a lot less. Staying healthy and fit is the way to go this new year.

  2. These are some of the best tips. I really need to invest in some resistance bands.

  3. That is handy indeed if you can put it on its side and slide it between the space of the wall and the refridgerator

  4. These are some great tips. I set an alarm to get moving several times a day