Sunday 5 February 2023


 Life is busy, I am sure you can all agree, whether its children or a busy business , I think we could all do with an extra pair of hands sometimes right?. I have decided to start doing some meal prepping on a Sunday to make my week load a little less.

By all means this isn't going to change anyones lives, but I find if I've got some meals or snacks planned and prepped, it does make a difference and I can also stay on tracking of my fitness goals.

So I've done boiled eggs for this week, protein cereal bars which are great for breakfast and chopped a whole watermelon for snacking as we are a family that is a little bit obsessed with watermelon, anyone else?. Although it is SO expensive, it does go a long way and its a nice healthy snack.

The main event this week is Turkey lasagne, I honestly never make this because it is way to much hassle during a work day, when the kiddies have come in from school and everyone wants food asap.

So I have done a batch that has made 5 portions, so great for a quick lunch with salad or dinner during the week with chips, garlic bread and a big side salad - yum!

Turkey Lasagne

First you'll need 500g of lean turkey mince
400g mushrooms
 an onion
one tin of chopped tomatoes
a big squeeze of tomato puree
a beef stock
garlic /fresh or dry
Worcester sauce
salt and pepper
Lasagne sheets
70g cheddar cheese

For the white sauce I always use ready made, I prefer the taste and I normally get the light Dolmio sauce, but definitely make your own if you want :)

While im cooking the meat I put the lasagne sheets in my tray with hot water to soften,move them around a little so they don't stick together.

Fry off your meat, add the veggies, add your herbs and spices, I normally go for a teaspoon of each.  A big glug of Worcester sauce and plenty of garlic if you love it as much as me :)

let it simmer for a while, then layer it up.

I do one layer of meat, lasagne sheets, a little sauce then cheese then repeat.

Pop it in the oven , 180C for around 40/45 minutes until the grated cheese on top is all crispy and then portion it up.

Leave it to cool ,then in the fridge. These will last for 5 days.


  1. This looks so so good!!! I love lasagna but never had Turkey lasagna...I can't wait to make your recipe.

  2. I am saving this recipe. Turkey lasagne sounds so delicious.

  3. That's something I haven't tried before to use a ready made sauce for the lasagna, because it's a lot of work already