Tuesday 7 February 2023


 I know I am definitely not the only one that has a phone full of photos. I have been paying for extra storage every month for the past year as I can’t bare to get rid of any of the memories off of my phone.

We have become a nation that loves taking photos but they are hidden in technology and I can honestly tell you, I haven’t looked through the photos or videos on my phone in a very long time.

My-Picture.co.uk is a site I have come across recently and I am in love!. I would of never known or thought about anything other than printing regular photographs or perhaps making some more Сanvas prints for our walls until now.

They do photo books and they have got to be the best thing I have ever found for capturing memories all in one place.

These are great for the kids too as they can sit together on the sofa and look through them without losing any pictures!.

They are so easy to make and I’ve actually got over half of my storage back on my phone thanks to My Picture :)

The photo books have a wide range of designs, whether you are wanting to make a memory book of a holiday or wedding or just a generally family one like I did, the choices are endless.

All you do is choose your book and size, upload your photos and get creating. I loved this step and you can change the layout of your pages, edit different captions, move around the little graphics, they were so much fun to make.

These would make the perfect gifts, I’ve ordered one for Mother’s Day. Alongside these photo books, you can design mugs, blankets,cushions and I even had a photo print made up as a jigsaw!.

Whichever budget range you have , they really have you covered as gifts are as little as a price of a coffee from the coffee shop :)

To get a cheeky 10% off your order , use my code KIRA10.

I’d love to know what you pick out :)

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