Monday 16 January 2023


For the last year fitness has definitely become a love of mine and part of my routine.

It was January 2022 that I decided I wanted to lose a bit more weight and become the best version of myself, mentally as well as physically.

I had previously lost over 2 stones with slimming world and although it was a great success, I had hit a brick wall with it and wanted to focus more on nutrition and strength training.

I joined the gym and started my fitness journey and haven’t looked back since. I love strength training and weights , that’s got to be my favourite alongside spin classes, my first one I thought I’d never walk again!, but I do two classes a week now and absolutely love it.

Training and fueling my body with good food is key for any fitness goal.

I have recently joined the team at Protein world and become a brand ambassador which is very exciting.

I’ve used their products for quite some time now and they’ve been great in my journey , especially the mug cakes!, such a treat and absolutely delicious.

I have a code which will get you 40% off the site if you fancied treating yourself to some bits. 

Protein World website code : PWKIRA 

Do let me know if you use it and what you pick up :)



  1. I would love to try these. 40% off is actually big and helpful for those who want to try.

  2. Ooh these sound like great products to check out! It's hard finding good quality protein supplements nowadays. The market is so oversaturated so thank you for sharing!

  3. Wow well done on becoming a brand ambassador for them and I'm sure your journey is going to be an amazing one. Laura Side Street x

  4. I think it's so good to try things like this and work out what fits your lifestyle and needs best. And what a great way to try it x

  5. Wow 40% is a great excuse to try these. Thank you for sharing :)