Friday 6 January 2023


 We all have mornings where we hit snooze and drag our feet when it comes to getting out of bed. Your child may be the same and a pain to get out the door for school and family activities. If this sounds familiar, it may be that they're struggling to sleep or have something else going on. It could be their games / devices that they’ve grown attached to so now they have little interest in anything else, or that they are struggling socially. If you’d like some parenting tips for any of these issues, keep reading as below we share some expert advice from a private school in Surrey.


Have a Set Routine

If you have a routine in place where your child must go to sleep and wake up at a set time, they will more than likely start to do so naturally as their body clock will adjust. They will also be ready and set for the day as they will have gotten enough sleep the night before and less likely to kick up a fuss. 


Work on Their Social Anxiety

If it is that they’re anxious, they may not want to talk about it but you may be able to tell from how they interact with others. It’s something that’s not easy to deal with and as naturally as it comes to us, it can seem overwhelming for them to talk and meet other people. As a way to offer help, you can explore ways of dealing with anxiety such as mindfulness and gradually ease them into social situations by starting with those that they’re already comfortable with like friends and family.


Limit Screentime

Screentime for a lot of us is impeding our social lives. It can become quite addictive and for children it can deprive them of the opportunity to explore the world around them. It sounds easier said than done but putting screen time restrictions in place or creating a reward system whereby it must be earned can help. 




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