Monday 13 March 2023


 We had a lovely weekend of birthday parties and snowman building and then during the night , poor little Nila was up with the sickness bug.

I’ve got to say, since she got had her asthma inhaler at the beginning of December , she hasn’t had a single cough or chest infection , but seems to get everything else now, sod’s law isn’t it!.

I do blame the soft plays though as they are never the cleanest of places are they?. So we’ve had a day off today and she’s been absolutely fine so I’m hoping it was just a 24 hour thing.

I had meetings this morning where Nila seems to always make an appearance :)

Proudly showing off her missing tooth… yes another visit from the tooth fairy as she now has no top teeth. A complete gummy bear I am calling her.

We both sat at the table most of the morning , I was working and she was working on her numbers and her crafts. 

We stopped for a tea and coffee break of course :) , and had some snuggles and a movie after I had finished work.

Also managed a 45 tredmill session, which I was totally happy with. I will be sharing my updated fitness journey this week.

It’s been snowing again this evening and I can honestly say I am so over the snow now and I think I might pack up and leave to go and live somewhere extremely hot as I have never been so cold in all my life! Anyone else?.

Fresh bedding is on and I’m keeping my fingers and toes crossed we have a good night sleep .


  1. Poor thing getting ill again and then losing a tooth. I lost both of my front teeth at the same time as well x

  2. Poor Nila, hope she is feeling better. I love her gummy smile - I hope the tooth fairy was generous!