Monday 8 May 2023


 The bank holiday weekend has been full on!. We have definitely made the most of it . We went into town for the coronation activities - face painting, sweets, we’ve been to Starbucks and got some new toys.

The park , movie night, girls pamper evening - and I feel like I am chasing my tail now with work.

Working remotely gives me a lot of flexibility with Admire and also the blog, but leaving the blog for the weekends rather than my Friday ,is slowly taking over the weekends!.

I’ll be honest , I am absolutely shattered!. By the time the children are asleep during the week I am catching up with more work or literally crashing and falling asleep with them.

I have sorted out a schedule for my Fridays so I am having a coffee with friends in the morning or having a session at the gym ,then home to work on the blog content for the following week then my driving lesson.

I am so determined to pass my test now as I have definitely been putting it last on my list. I’ve also set aside 30 minutes every evening to just go over the theory app- it is the bane of my life right now!.

Keeping weekends for the children from this week , fingers crossed, and clocking off on a Friday, i am hoping to gain control back and get this home work life balance back on track.

I’d love to know how you balance your work life and tips you might have :)

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