Saturday 6 May 2023


When we are stressed, a normal reaction from others is for us to rest ,take some time out for ourselves, get a face mask , read a book - all the things we have come to accept as self care , but it’s not for everyone.

If you are stressed and have a lot going on in your head , a long soak in the bath isn’t going to help that right? so although taking time out for a face mask is great , it’s not always the answer for everyone.

Self care comes in so many forms and it’s actually making time to help yourself. 

Your version of self care could be meal prepping your lunches for the week so you haven’t got to worry about them or sending your email list out at the beginning of the week so you can tick it off the list.

Self care advice I would give is make time to HELP yourself: which gets rid of that mental clutter, which is the baine of my life ,anyone else?.

Right now, what is something you wished you had done yesterday? put the washing away?, get the meat out the freezer for dinner?, or it can be as simple as tidying your make up desk which usually makes you feel great if it’s done the night before.

I love setting a 15 minute alarm on my watch for a quick tidy up before work and it makes me feel SO good and ready for the day , try it, you will be surprised at how different these little things make and how much of a high you will be on once you get rid of the unorganised clutter in your head.

Self care can be so basic and it will look different for everyone and be different each week or month depending on what self care you need at that time.

Although I love a pamper self care session, doing my nails, having a lush bubble bath, but essentially doing something for you that will help you and your mental health is what self care is all about. 

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