Friday 18 August 2023


 To say this week has been a struggle with my mindset, that would be putting it lightly. It has been a really bad, body image week and I really do not know why.Having a bad body image day is normal, we all get them, no matter what shape or size we are and sometimes a few little steps during that day or week can help shift that mood a little.


Something I have done this week, is wear comfy clothes that I feel good in. This is great for 'tricking the mind' and making you feel good in what you are wearing.My go too is a pair of baggy joggers and a crop top - so simply yet super comfy and I feel good and not restricted in places that are not feeling good at that particular time.


We are going away in just over a week and I am rushed off my feet with work, the house, the children, I feel like my head could explode. This can sometimes trigger negative thoughts and moods - so trying to slow things down and not burn yourself out.  A little time out, a walk with a podcast for an hour out of the day, an early night with a tea and a book, little things that will help you reset.


If you are on a fitness/weight loss journey, then his could be the perfect excuse to say stuff it and over eat to make you 'feel better', this will not work, god knows I have done this so many times, same with trying to eat less, you will just become hungry then eat loads more. 

Stay on track, its a mindset thing, eating less or more during this time will not make a difference,staying focused is best.


Something I love to do is follow body positivity accounts on social media. Women that have the same body shape as me and their account is filled with the good, the bad and the ugly and seeing that we ALL go through it.A little scroll of these sometimes is all I need to 'snap out' of that mood.


As horrible as it is, I have had to just ride the wave this week. I have ate well, done all my gym sessions, had time to myself, nothing has shifted it, so its time to just ride it out and accept that it is just a phase and it will pass.

I hope these little tips give you some comfort or help, and let you know that we all have these moments, and if you are having an episode where low body image is hitting you, then reach out to me :)

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