Friday 1 September 2023


 What a week!. Thank god it is Friday, as tomorrow we are finally going on our holiday. It has definitely been an eventful week,let me tell you. If you are a follower over on Instagram then you will know we were due to go to Lanzarote on Monday.

After 11 hours of being stuck at the airport and our flight being rescheduled, at 10pm we were told it had been cancelled and we would have a refund and to go home. 

The girls were absolutely devastated and there were so many children in floods of tears that evening. We drove home and decided we would still take the girls on holiday , even if they did have to miss some time off school - they go back to school next Wednesday.

Luckily , we got our refund and have booked Turkey - Aqua fantasy in Kusadasi for tomorrow!!. We have been before when Alessia was six and it was an incredible holiday, so good for kids, and we are all so ready for a break!.

I’ve been feeling all kinds of low over the past few days and I haven’t been able to shift it , I think when you suffer with your mental health and your plans get changed, it really does mess with you. I booked in to have a little hair trim as a treat and to give myself a bit of 'me' time!.

I’ve worked today so I can get next week’s schedule sorted and not fall behind and I have treated myself to the Starbuck's pumpkin cream cold brew this afternoon - if you know, you know.

It was my obsession last Autumn , and although I’m not quite ready to throw the towel in for summer, you can not beat a pumpkin cold brew, they are the best!.

Let me know if you’ve tried it and what you think..

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