Wednesday 13 September 2023


 Since the pandemic hit the world, a lot of businesses were born and it was the beginning of a lot of companies trying their best to achieve success and keep their small businesses going, but sometimes this is easier said than done and a little help along the way can really increase that success.

So, how do you achieve a successful business...


Whether this is a brand new business adventure, a new product in your range or simply revamping the brand and having a bit of a spring clean, always start with a plan. Create a plan of action to achieve the best of your ability. 

When things are written down, it is a lot easier to visualise ,what is your mission for your business and how are you going to get there.Tick the boxes, and know what needs to be done, as it is right in front of you on paper, no excuses.


Making a million pound is 100%  everyones goal as a business owner for sure, and I have no doubt you will reach this, but starting out, make your goals a little more achievable and reachable. Rome wasn't built in a day,  and neither will your business.

Stick to monthly or quarter goals. 


Tidy desk, tidy mind. I am a bit of an organised queen, so being organised makes me happy, but it also saves error for missing any emails or important deadlines. Organising your office as a whole is especially important if you are already working with a team at this stage, as it can boost productivity and raise morale. To help with this, considering hiring a commercial cleaning company in Pickering, ON or wherever your business is located.


It is crucial for team meetings and check ins - if you are a sole trader then this will not apply to you. If you do have a team then make sure you are checking in every week. Everyone should know what they are doing, what the time frame is for the work to be done and if there are any issues, they know who to come to and when.

Monday mornings would be ideal for a catch up and coffee ahead of a busy week. 


With everything in life, sometimes a little help can go such a long way and can take some of the pressure off of you. What is proposal management you say?, its almost like baking a cake.That might not be the most original thought, but when you bake a cake, you expertly pull together diverse ingredients from multiple sources, then you add your skill and flair to create a gorgeous tasting cake.

Proposal management is about pulling together diverse people and information from multiple sources, adding skill and flair to create an amazing sales document for you which will increase sales, keep you accountable and help you feel like you are not on your own in this big world of business.

Let me know how your business adventure is going and any tips and tricks you have for others, do leave in the comments :)

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