Monday 11 September 2023


Your holiday has been and gone, you are back home, post holidays blue, feeling a little glad to be home, a little sad you are not on holiday and in a bit of a limbo state of how and when do you start with getting back on track with normal life.

Getting back into that routine post holiday can be seriously hard - trust me , I know!, holiday blues are real and the funk is even hard.

Here are three simple and easy steps you can do once you are back home from holiday to get your routine back on track and feeling good again.


After having some time off, the most important thing to remember is do not rush straight back into it. Back on the 50KG leg press and cutting your calories by half. It is a natural thing to come home and want to get straight back on the fitness wagon and start right where you left off, but do let your body recuperate.

All inclusive, all you can eat and drink, unlimited alcohol and fizzy drinks - getting straight back on it will hit your body like a bus!. Start small, allow your body to start with some baby steps.

Start your daily walks again with your favourite podcasts, hit your daily step count,up your protein and water intake for the first few weeks and help your body feel strong again :)


Sit down and plan. Getting back into routine can be easier when you sit down and plan, especially the first week or two. Gym sessions, meal plan or meal prep, so the funk hasn't got time to smack you in the face, you can just grab your healthy meal prep out of the fridge and it is so satisfying knowing your covered for a weeks worth of food  :)


There is no rush and no deadline to get back on track. If it takes a week, amazing, if it takes 3 weeks , that is also amazing, you have got back to that point . You have enjoyed a care free holiday, ate some delicious foods, made memories and it is ok to not feel as strong or as pumped as you did before you went.

I am writing this as I have just got back from Turkey , had my first PT session and feel like I have done 5 rounds with Mike Tyson, we all struggle, and if you've been having three croissants every morning for breakfast filled with Nutella like I have, you will struggle :) will get there ... 

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