Friday 27 October 2023


It is definitely lurgy season and although Winter is a lovely season, leaves falling, snowman making, it is by far the most common time of the year to catch every bug going, if you haven't already!. We have already had snotty noses in our house, and that gave me the idea to put together the ways we try and stay fit and healthy during winter.


We are big vitamin takers in this house and I really believe that they are beneficial, especially if you are struggling with your diet. We have just had our delivery from Sralions and they have just launched their sugar-free multivitamin gummies for kids.

The multivitamin gummies are designed to encourage children’s normal growth and development, providing a tasty and fun way to take their daily vitamins! Containing 8 essential nutrients, our gummies are sugar-free and vegan-friendly, with a delicious natural raspberry flavour your little ones will love.

Each daily serving provides eight essential vitamins – vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D3 and E, plus Biotin and Folic Acid. Our expert formula supports vital areas of children’s well-being, including immunity, bone health, vision and energy.


Sofa season, I know, on the sofa, tea and a pack of biscuits with the heating on, I feel you, but trying to eat as well as you can with foods that contain added vitamins will most definitely boost your immune system this Winter.


The struggle is real, I have it myself. I work from home so some days I haven't even left the kitchen table before I realise its lunchtime. I invested in a walking pad a few years ago and it's great for getting steps in on a rainy day, the children love it too!.
We also enjoy yoga - YouTube has some great videos on there for beginners and above. Cosmic yoga for kids is one of our favourites :)


Obvious but we only layer up if we are cold, layer up before you get to that point and you will be surprised. Constantly feeling hot and then cold is no fun. Add an extra layer under your jumper rather than just the jumper, an extra pair of socks. Sounds simple but effective!.


Keeping the house warm will make such a huge difference. Popping the heating on in little intervals during the day will keep the house warm, reduce your energy costs and will actually stop damp.
Putting the heating on in just the room you are in to 'save cost', I totally get it, but this leaves room for damp and mould in the other rooms to grow. Lowering your radiator level and having the heating on for half an hour every so often is a game changer.

If you have any other ways you keep your family fit and healthy then do share them in the comment section :)

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