Friday 13 October 2023



Spooky season calls for all the movie nights, I don't know about you but we have our go too that have to be watched every Halloween. We have Disney + on all devices in our house as I definitely think its one of the best apps for variety and something for everyone to watch, and its forever being added to.


First up is halloweentown, if you have never seen this then where have you been hiding?. This has been a favourite ever since I was little. I absolutely love it and so have the older two girls, Kay and Alessia. This will be the first year Nila watches it so I have high hopes she loves it too!.There are quite a few of these, Halloweentown 2 and high, but the first one is always our favourite.


 If you are not watching Hocus Pocus this Halloween then are you even celebrating?,come on, a classic and a must watch!. It's actually in cinemas at the minute so I might treat us all to a night at the cinema as well with some popcorn and a tango ice blast!.


What did everyone think of number 2?. I thought it was brilliant and Nila loves it!. We have been listening to the sound track on the way to school for the past week so I think its time we get the blankets out and have a Friday night movie marathon!. 


5 more minutes is what comes out of Nila's mouth every night, anyone else's little one alway wants 5 more minutes before bed?, these short movies are great , short and sweet and this one is 6 minutes and its Donald the duck and his nephew's halloween themed.


Alessia and I love a series this time of year and we have been looking forward to the new Goosebumps series that we have seen advertised. We are going to start it this weekend and can not wait, we love the old school season and all the movies . Looks a little scarier then I thought it would be, but we love a horror movie!.

Have you got any favourites on your Halloween watch list?, do let me know and we will add them to ours :)

Happy Halloween!

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