Friday 3 November 2023


When i say my girls love crafts, that is putting it ,lightly . All three of them have loved getting creative and i think its such a great quality to be able to sit with your ideas and make something wonderful.

Egg cartons turn into jewellery boxes, cardboard toilet roll holders turn into pen pots, but what about making your own outfits, now thats next level crafting right?.

I did dress making in college and absoulety loved it, something completely different, i did it for the fun and really enjoyed it.

Sareea by Marisha have brought out the perfect children's dress making starter kit for all the little fashionistas out there. When i tell you this bundle is amazing, i am not lying. I was so impressed and Nila couldnt wait to get creative.


  • 1 Mashquin which is perfect size for the table and easy for the little ones to access with ease.
  • 5x different pieces of fabric. Bundles of fabric can be choosen depending on what your little one likes.
  • 3x gorgous trims - glitterly and shiny, which Nila loved!.
  • Dress making pins 

We had so much fun with this set.Nila was hooked. We spent hours creating masterpieces for her dolls. She also chose a barbie themed bundle which was so pretty.

Be sure to check out all the fabric bundles and there are so many to pick from.

You can also keep those pins tidy with the really cool snap band magnet. If you have followed us for a while you will already know Nila's obsession with snap bands and her on growing collection :) . She thoguht this was brillaint and its a great way of keeping all the pins together and a safe way of using them too.

The strap size is 24cm and magnet size is 5.5cm by 4cm, plenty of room for all your pins.

This starter set retails at £80, which i think would be a fantastic christmas present and although it might seem costly, this set is reusable. It can be played with again and again, no gluing is required, no cutting or sewing.

Imaginative play is something i am always encouraging and this set is perfect for that. Helps develop hand eye cordination even more and is great for developing concentration, which lets face it, some times is non existent with these ittle ones :)

You can also buy additional Mashquin accessories, more fabric bundles, trims and lots more.

You can pick up your own mashquin dress making bundle here .

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