Wednesday 1 November 2023


1st November, for me it is officially Operation Christmas. I don't know about you, but I love getting organised, especially with three children to buy for, things are expensive and every little helps.

I wanted to give a little this Christmas and will host a giveaway every week in November. I am very blessed with my jobs and get numerous PR packages for myself and the children, and I wanted to give back to some of my readers and followers.

First up is an Advent Calendar...

I love advent calendars, we always do a chocolate one on the door which I fill with chocolate coins and sweets and then something the girls can collect - lego, or for Alessia it is usually a make-up one.

Sometimes it's nice to have one for us parents right?. I love mine, this year i have a bath bomb one and a Mylee nail varnish one, be sure to check my TikTok and Instagram as I will be opening it every day on those channels :)


I have been digging out my stash and found the Gibson Merry puzzle advent calendar. This advent calendar is bound to spread some Christmas cheer. 22 Festive puzzles as well as puzzle glue and ribbon so you can craft your very own Christmas decorations.

The puzzles come in lots of different shapes including a cute stocking!. This would be a lovely treat for anyone to look forward to every day in December.

To enter this giveaway, click below and follow the requirements.

Dare I say it this early....Happy Christmas!!!

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