Thursday 21 December 2023


 If you haven’t watched the weekly vlog on YouTube then you will have no idea about our new little addition to the family.

The girls have been asking for a kitten for the longest time and if you have been a regular reader and follower, then you will know that we sadly had to put our cat Willow down in 2018, which was extremely traumatic. I didn’t think I would ever be ready to have another pet.

We travel a lot and enjoy exploring the world, so that has always been in the back of mind but after a lot of thought I took the plunge and found our little kitty.


We had to wait a few weeks for her, keeping it all secret from the girls. 6-hour round trip and we finally brought her home.

She is the cutest little thing I have ever seen and has settled in like she was born to be part of the family. The girls have named her Cora, short for Coraline, from the film and are already obsessed with her. 


She has definitely found her character, a wild little thing. Loves playing with the Christmas baubles and tinsel and is also quite partial to chasing your feet :)

Her favourite thing at the minute is sitting with me while I work which is adorable and she's a great hot water bottle that's for sure.

The whiskers kitten milky treats are her absolute favourite. Nila gives her one of them every morning. My mum and dad's dog Buddy gets a treat every morning and when we stay there we are the first ones up to give Buddy his treat so she has got that from there which is so sweet.

I have been looking for a kitten advent calendar but she is still too little for one so I think we are going to get her some turkey treats from the festive kitten range in Pets At Home for her advent this year.


This is funny - right, she is a little cheeky one as she is determined to get behind the TV unit and stay there. Takes me ages to retrieve her from the wires and PlayStation console, so I've covered it over with a blanket when she is in the living room, she HATES this!. 

I am sure she looks at me before she attempts to shuffle under the blanket to get there, such a cheeky one.

Safe to say she has been welcomed with open arms and everybody loves her already, especially Mezz!.


  1. Oh, my heart! Cora is the cutest little thing. We need more pictures!

  2. Cora is too cute. And she probably likes being behind the tv for warmth.

  3. That's funny that she already has a sneaky thing she likes to do. Kitties are cute and yours is super adorable.

  4. Cora is just the cutest! We were thinking about adding a new addition to our family as well!

  5. Oh I love her name and her cute personality! Hi Cora! ❤️