Monday 11 December 2023


 The Polar Express film is hands down one of my favourite Christmas films and I watch it every year without fail. If you haven't seen it then one, where have you been for the past 10 years? and two, you are missing out!.


Think of all the Christmas spirit you could wish up, all in one movie. When I was looking for things to do in December,I came across The North Pole Express half an hour's drive from me. When I say I was excited, that's an understatement. 

I couldn't wait to get a booking confirmed. Most of the sessions were booked up but I found two, and after seeing if it was budget friendly I booked it up for me, Mezz and the girls.

I did suggest going with friends, but I think something like this is a family Christmas memory to make and remember together :)


Pricing varies depending on your seats and how long you want with Santa and the elves, but i chose the standard carriage which was a table of up to 4 and this was £74. This includes a soft drink and cookie for the children, mince pies for the grown-ups and a little tipple of port. 

A visit from Santa and his friends and a gift and the duration lasts around an hour.

We checked on the Foxfield North Pole Express and sat in our carriage. On our table was a Christmas bag with all of our goodies in it. The carriage was decorated with tinsel and lights and it was so festive and felt so Christmassy.

The Foxfield railway station in Blythe Bridge is one of the oldest ones in the UK still going. Picture an old train, with condensation on the windows, literally felt like the actual Polar Express, I was in my element.


You get greeted by Santa's friends first. We met the new baby reindeer and we all had to help with names for him for the reindeer trainer to take back to Santa. We came up with mince pies and biscuits where the reindeer trainer thought beans on toast would be a good one!.

The snow queen was next and she took Nila's breath away. She noticed that Daddy was on the naughty list so she was going to have a word with Santa about that, she also did some beautiful magic before we got to meet the dragon. Nila was a little scared of him but gave him a stroke.

Time for Santa and the elves. This was such a magical moment. He took the time to ask the girls their names and ages and if they had been good. The interaction was so lovely and he involved Alessia too, who is 14 and is now a magical helper.

The elves made Alessia make a promise to keep her room tidy, spend more time with me and get off her phone more, which was really funny.

Santa gave them their presents, Nila got a Mermaid pastel colouring set with glitter glue, colours and colouring pages and Alessia got a Harley Quinn mug, if you have been here for a while you will know Alessia is Harley Quinn obsessed so this was a pleasant surprise.


I can honestly say this experience was amazing. I was a little worried that we wouldn't have much time with Santa and friends as you had to pay extra for the longer time, but it was plenty of time, we weren't rushed and it really was magical.

We were talking, singing the Christmas songs that were playing, making friends with the family next to us and colouring in between meeting the gang.

If you are local to us and thinking of booking a North Pole experience for next Christmas then I definitely would. We can't wait to visit again next Xmas. 


  1. What a wonderful experience for the entire family - I know mine would enjoy this adventure. Thanks for sharing your review. Stephanie

  2. This sounds like a really magical way to meet Santa! I am so glad that you were able to have a good amount of time without the extra fee.

  3. Seems like such a fun experience, my children loved the Polar Express when they were younger. Thanks for sharing!

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