Saturday 9 December 2023


Christmas is getting so close I can almost taste it, well the mince pies and mulled wine!. Are you all sorted? I don’t think I am ever completely sorted until Christmas Eve even though I try to get everything bought and wrapped way before then!. I have done a little round-up for any of you that are last-minute Christmas shopping.

We are all big Disney fans in this house . RAVENSBURGER have this fantastic game out for the holidays . Disney around the world board game would make a great family present to enjoy.

Adventure through the sky! Explore the magical world of Disney as you pilot a hot air balloon. Guide your balloon through six charming Lands and collect Stamps for your passport.

RRP £27

Night lights are always a great hit, especially with Children. Nila loves sleeping with a lamp or cosy light on and this rechargeable colour-changing unicorn night light from Prezzybox is the cutest thing I have ever seen.

What is even better is it's USB chargeable so no spending a fortune on batteries, wire is included and it goes off after 15 minutes so you haven't got the bedtime worry of remembering to turn it off.

RRP £16.00

For the older teenagers, I found this positivity crystal candle and have fallen in love with it!. Anything to do with manifestation and positivity and I am sold.

Jasmine and apple blossom scented which smells incredible and it also comes with a guidebook to unlock the secrets of its powers. 

RRP £20

When your other half says they don't need anything for Xmas and you do not want to buy socks again, Prezzy box has you covered with this really smart lap desk tray.

It has a built-in mousepad and a really smart slot that you can pop your mobile phone in and has a cushioned base making it the comfiest tray around.

RRP £20.00

Nothing shouts Xmas presents more than new bedding. You can not beat a fresh set of bedding, especially festive themed. 

Terrys Fabrics have the biggest collection of bedding. From Fair-isle to nutcrackers , there is so much to choose from and they are the softest around.

RRP Varies

Toys and learning come hand in hand right?. Orchard Toys have the best games around when it comes to learning.

Nila is starting times tables next term at school and this first-time tables from Orchard Toys look perfect for teaching 2,5 and 10-times tables, it's going to be so much fun.

RRP £9.50

Puzzles are great for downtime during the festive season. After Christmas dinner a puzzle is always something we love to do. 

Ice Palace jigsaw puzzle from Orchard Toys is a great one. 50 pieces and it also comes with a poster and a learning guide to prompt discussion which I think is brilliant.

RRP £11.25

If you have any creative little ones in your house then the Bookeez from John Adams is going to be the best present you order this Xmas.

It is a book-making studio that includes everything you need to make a book, journal or sticker book. The world is your oyster!

RRP £9.99

Sticking with all things creative, the BLOPEN'S artist studio looks amazing and is a great starter set for anyone who loves all things art!.

This set includes 12 blopens, 12 stencils, glue and lots of sequins. My girls would love this, would make a great joint present to keep the costs down this Christmas time.

RRP £19.99

Gifts for human parents as well as furry parents this Christmas with My Pura. Eco-friendly wipes for after xmas dinner, after the long dog walk in the mud and after the potty training successes :)

You can pick up small packs or subscribe so you never run out :)

RRP From £2.16

We have had snow and have been building snowmen in the garden, freezing but So much fun!. Snow Problem from The Happy Puzzle looks super cool.

The aim is to stack the snowballs and build your snowmen. This game is now a special limited first edition, make it a Xmas tradition to get out every year :)

RRP £22.99

The princess train lovers will absolutely love this Disney Princess snow white train set from Brio that includes Snow White, a carriage and even cute little bunnies.

Get lost in the world of creative play with Brio. The tracks from Brio all fit together so why not start the collection this year and make it a magical fairytale one.

RRP £44.99

Hopefully, these gifts will give you a little inspiration and help you out when on the hunt for last-minute presents.


  1. The Disney around the world board game caught my eye for some family fun, and the rechargeable unicorn night light is an adorable find for my little one.

  2. yes, I think you did hit everyone with this list of unique ideas for the holiday season. I can't pick just one, you have such a fabulous list of creative gift ideas here.

  3. We just love those Happy Puzzle company games, my daughter has lots of them.