Friday 1 December 2023


 When I say I love Christmas, I love it. I don't mean just a little, it is my favourite time of the year and it brings me so much joy. I start earlier than most and I really don't care. It comes around so fast and honestly, life is too short to not enjoy and love the things you do 110%!.

I get my love for Christmas most definitely from my Dad, picture Deck The Halls Buddy Hall and that is my Dad. If he could have a house like that then he would be a happy man. I can still remember all the decorations he would put up when we were little to the point of adding extra shelves for more ornaments and this brings me to..



Our first one is the tree goes up on the 1st of December every year. Some say this is way too early and I get the whole 12 days before but come on, it's 25 days until Christmas at this point, I want my tree up as long as possible. You can not beat waking up in the morning, popping the heating on and Xmas tree lights and sitting with your first cup of coffee.

The girls and I do the tree every year with Xmas songs playing and I absolutely love it.


Our homemade fabric chocolate advent calendar has been around for as long as I can remember. Kadiann was small when I started that and the windows have stretched along the years for adding more than one chocolate coin as the more children we have had :)

I change up the windows depending on what I have picked up during the weeks leading up to the first, but they are always so excited for this one and it melts my heart.


Winter Wonderland in Hanley was a new tradition of ours that we started 5 years ago. Every year we would spend the evening there, see Santa, eat hot dogs and go on as many rides as we could. We love it, it wasn't on last year but has been announced that they are reopening this year and we can not wait!.


This originally came from when I was little, we would have a Christmas Eve buffet put out with sausage rolls, cocktail sausages, and crisps, like a party food platter and I have done it ever since I had Kadiann, who is now 20!.

it is one of the highlights of the month, Mezz and i cheer that we've made it through the festive stress, all the presents are bought and we can unwind knowing we have smashed it another year :)

Do you have any Christmas Traditions and what are your most treasurable...


  1. Who the heck says the first day of December is too early! We put ours up the day after Thanksgiving, and I would put it up sooner if my husband would let me. LOL

  2. I love Christmas too. The pretty lights should be up for as long as possible. We love a Xmas eve buffet style dinner too.

  3. I love the festive aura of Christmas. You are all engrossed in Christmas preparations. Merry Christmas.

  4. Marie CRis Angeles21 December 2023 at 12:45

    Me and my family don't have a specific tradition for Christmas. But, we always eat dinner and giving gifts to each other.

  5. I put our tree up on the first as well, sometimes sooner if I am feeling up to it at the end of November. (Always after thanksgiving though). We like to add a new ornament to the tree every year that has our name & year on it.

  6. Your post resonates so much with the festive spirit! The vivid image of your dad's love for Christmas, reminiscent of Buddy Hall, adds such a warm touch. I absolutely love the tradition of putting up the Christmas tree on December 1st—it's never too early for that magical atmosphere! Your description of decorating the tree with your girls while Christmas songs play in the background is truly heartwarming. The homemade fabric chocolate advent calendar sounds like a delightful tradition that has evolved over the years. Thanks for sharing these beautiful family Christmas traditions—it brought a smile to my face!

  7. Aww what a sweetie!!! Too cute ^_^ I love these traditions...growing up advent calendars were something my brother and I always enjoyed and it's a fun way to learn the story and meaning behind Christmas. Everlasting memories <3