Thursday 7 December 2023


 Every year we visit Santa. It has been a tradition we have done every year and we tend to go somewhere different each year. This year Father Christmas was visiting Nila's school and you could book a slot to see him, which she was very much excited about.

Biscuits decorating, serious discussions with Santa Claus, presents and then a story from the class teacher. Nila really enjoyed it and I think it really sparked her Christmas spirit as she then had her Christmas head on and was determined to get her letter to Santa done.

We went to the Library to pick up some Christmas books first, it is such a good way of getting seasonal books for the children without spending an arm and a leg on them, they had some Santa letters you could take home too which was perfect!.

We got home, read some books and started on her Christmas list. The first thing she wrote and couldn't stop talking about was fingerlings. I didn't even know she was into these but she is adamant that she discussed it with Santa and he would do his best.

Does anyone else have a little one tell them things they want and it's the first you have ever heard of them?.

Magic mixies and the miraculous dolls were also on the list. We keep the list very minimal as Santa only brings us one present and Mummy and Daddy buy the rest so the one the girls want from Santa is always the most special one to them.

Letter on the window seal ready for the Christmas magic to take it to the North Pole.


  1. Yes! I too have had my kids tell Santa they want something I didn't know about! So nice to see families continuing the tradition of visiting Santa - these are memories I cherish with my parents. Stephanie

  2. It is so cool that Santa visited you at the library! That's a great casual place to meet Santa.

  3. My children loved visiting Santa when they were younger, it's such an experience. Thanks for sharing!

  4. This blog post wonderfully captures the joy and excitement of a festive day filled with biscuits decorating, meaningful conversations with Santa Claus, and the magic of Christmas stories. Nila's enthusiasm and determination to get her letter to Santa reflect the genuine holiday spirit. The author's smart idea of visiting the library for Christmas books and Santa letters adds a thoughtful and budget-friendly touch to the holiday preparations.