Saturday 23 December 2023


 When it comes to Christmas in our family someone is always poorly. It’s usually Alessia and if you have been here for a while you will know she ended up in hospital one Christmas and if it wasn’t for Mezz pleading with the doctors she would of had to stay in.

So when Nila woke up Friday morning coughing her lungs up , it wasn’t a surprise. We got her into the doctors yesterday and she’s been given another steroid inhaler as well as a blue one, so I’m really hoping they help and she isn’t too bad on Christmas Day.

We have had a really slow morning and it’s been lovely . We made snowflakes and Nila organised a Christmas party in her bedroom. Decorations, tickets and i did a little Christmas picnic platter for us whilst we watched the grinch.

It was lovely. We also did our festive nails. All the sparkle and lots of red too!.

I booked us in to go and watch Home Alone 2 at the cinema and what a treat. We felt so Christmassy going through town and enjoying all the lights and the sleigh!.

Inhalers had and now it’s time for an early night with warm drinks and all the snuggles in bed .


  1. I hope the new inhalers bring relief for Nila, and that she feels better in time for Christmas Day.

  2. Poor Nila, hope she is feeling better now and was able to enjoy Christmas Day.

  3. Sending well wishes to Nila for a speedy recovery! 🌟 Your slow and festive morning filled with snowflakes, a Christmas party, and Home Alone 2 at the cinema sounds like the perfect way to bring holiday cheer despite the challenges. Hoping the inhalers work their magic, and you all enjoy a cozy and restful night.

  4. Hope she is better now. Your Christmas activities sound fun!