Monday 22 January 2024


 I have been clearing out a lot of our stuff over the past week. Having three children, you most definitely accumulate a lot of stuff and my god is it hard to get rid of. Does anyone else have the baby blues when they look at the children’s old clothes or teddies?. I have three daughters so it’s all pink tiny dresses and if anything makes me think about having another little one it’s definitely those dresses.

I have been decluttering and putting some stuff on my Vinted and it has really got me thinking about the years of being a parent and what has been an ‘essential’ for one pregnancy wasn’t even a thing for another.

It most definitely comes down to trend and ‘what’s in’ like most things in life which is a shame and if you are like me and don’t follow any kind of trend and love what you love then go you!.

It can be so difficult as a parent to not buy the ‘things’ because someone at the baby group declares they are a must!.

Photographing Nila’s old baby carrier got me thinking about all the stuff I have used for my girls, Kadiann my eldest will be 21 in May, and I thought I would share with you my must-haves and essentials that I would always go back to and would recommend over and over again.


Oh my word, what a blessing. I can not tell you how many times the prep machine saved me. These only came out when Nila was born, my youngest, and it has been the best thing I have ever used.

I was quite poorly after having Nila, I had her at home and bled quite a lot so I tried to rest as much as possible and didn’t want to be on my feet too much. The prep machine makes a bottle in 60 seconds. 

60 seconds and your bottle is done, room temperature, perfect for your little munchkin to drink and even Dad could function it!. 


I never baby wore with the older two so knew I wanted to try it with Nila. The Izmi toddler carrier was my holy grail. I baby wore with Nila from newborn and had a few carriers and wraps I used for the first few months before discovering the Izmi range which in fact starts from newborn. 

The toddler carrier was perfect. So comfy and most importantly easy to put on yourself. This was great for a quick school pick up as Alessia was in the school just up the road. Great for holidays and also for nap time.

The Izmi carrier is from around 9 months, and up to 27kg which is around 4 and a half stone. I wore Nila until she was 3 and didn't suffer from any back pain at all. I absolutely loved it. 


When them peggies are coming through there is nothing in this world that would settle the little ones more than Ashton and Parsons's teething powder. Teething gels just fall off the gum. Ever tried putting Bonjela onto your ulcer? It just slides off right?. The teething powder literally sinks into the gum and it absorbs every last bit giving the relief your little ones need.

I have used this with all three of my children and I am pretty sure my mum used it on me and my siblings. 


Standard bibs, although they might have cute slogans, I love mummy and all that but honestly, they are useless. They stain really badly, and they leak straight through to the clothes and neck, sore neck from dribble and milk is awful and really sore.

I discovered Ziggle bibs and never looked back. They are like a bandana with super thick absorbent material on the inside and have two poppers so are adjustable and grow with the baby. These are 10/10. I can remember a time when the outer bib was soaked and the inside was literally bone dry.

They can be on the pricey side but I ended up buying quite a big bundle off of eBay for an absolute bargain price.


We had quite a few different chairs, soe costing the earth and some cheaper than others. The only one I remember being great was the Fisher-Price portable baby chair. It was small enough to have out, easy to fold away and take anywhere with you. I used to take this one to my mum and dad when we visited and it didn't cost an arm and a leg. 

Double up as a high chair as well as toy time, such a great little gadget. You can pick these up really cheap on the marketplace on Facebook now, they are really easy to clean too and Nila loved hers!.

I'd love to know what your baby must haves are or were and what you would repurchase again ..

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