Wednesday 24 January 2024


 Last year I found a love for Vinted after I started selling the children's clothes on there and making some extra pennies, we could all do with them at the minute right?. The cost of living is no fun and I am always looking for ways to make a few extra pounds so I can save for days out with the children, new clothes or that weeekned cheeky McDonald's treat.

I have always loved pre-loved and my favourite thing to do is to have a rummage in the second-hand shops, you can find such amazing bargains and such good prices.

This year I have vowed to save as much as possible. With a house move, kids' birthdays, a holiday to plan for and passing my driving, I will be on the hunt for a car once I have passed this year. This year is going to be an expensive one so keeping the cost down as much as possible is an absolute must!

Buying pre-loved is such a game changer and you would be surprised at what you can find. I needed some black work trousers and I looked in the shops originally and couldn't find any that I liked and that wasn't less than £30 so I had a look on Vinted.

I bought a pair from there, high-waisted, which I could find anywhere in the shops, from M&S for £.4.10 including postage. They arrived, in perfect condition and fit like a glove, I was over the moon! and all for under a fiver.

Nila got some Christmas money and treated herself to some princess shoes from H&M. She is already a size 1 at 6 years old and the plastic cheap dress-up shoes have never fit her wide feet,  she's got them from me!.

She asked for some new dress-up clothes to go with them, so I took to Vinted again and searched for some dress-up pieces. A Wednesday Addams dress cost me £1, a miraculous dress-up costume brand new still in the packaging for £2.50, a princess dress for £2 and a doctor lab coat for £1.20, i couldn't believe it.

Four new dress-up sets for the box for under £10 with delivery and she was over the moon!. 

I have been looking for a new winter coat. It is still freezing here some mornings and getting two buses to school is not fun without a thick coat. I went straight to Vinted first and they have some amazing deals.

Buying preloved this year is going to save us so much money and it is so much fun too!. A top Alessia had when she was little I typed in and found the exact same one in very good condition for Nila :)

I love having a nosey at some of the items that are recommended to you from your searches and it's helping to save the planet whilst you are doing so!. I dread to think what the world will look like in the future!.

If you have ever felt the stigma of buying second hand you really haven't got anything to worry about. Everything in life is a trend and fashion, make your own, be you and watch the weight of the world lift from your shoulders.

I will be on the hunt closer to the end of the year for some old-school Christmas decorations in the charity shop :)

Have you bought pre-loved before? I'd love to know what bargains you have found along the way :)

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