Monday 8 January 2024


 The girls are not back at school today, I am back to work properly after the Christmas holidays and honestly, I think we are all ready for routine now.

When I say our sleeping pattern is messed up, I am not kidding. Especially since New Year’s Eve, we all, yes all, stayed up to see in the new year and that is how the children have been sleeping for the past week, gone midnight falling asleep and the girls have been waking up at 10/11 in the morning!.

I have been getting up for work at my normal time but because I am waiting for the girls to fall asleep before sleeping myself, tired is an understatement of how I am feeling right now.

I really thought this morning alarm was going to kill them

 They did really well and will most definitely be ready for an early night after school.

Back to work without the kiddies for me today, although I went back on the 2nd of January, working from home in between the children is hectic and chaotic so this is my first day back with no noise and the morning has been bliss.

A few meetings this morning and enjoying a coffee without having to wipe bums, sort the iPad out, or brush a Barbie doll's hair has been very luxurious :)

I’ve taken some time to think about the year ahead today and plans for us all as I think it’s really important to have plans and things to look forward to in life, right?.

Back to my PT sessions tonight and although I am dreading it, I am looking forward to getting to where I want to be fitness-wise this year. I am actually going to be doing the 75 soft challenge next week. I will be writing about that very soon.

I have got in contact with my driving instructor to restart my lessons and I will be passing this year.

I honestly can not wait to be driving so the girls and I can take little spontaneous trips to the beach and the farm. It’s at the top of my vision board for 2024.

Moving house has taken a bit of a back step the past few months and after the dramas we had on New Year’s Day where the kitchen cupboards literally fell off the walls, moving can not come quick enough.

We have got the date for July now, and yes, it’s half a year away and I was a little deflated, I am flipping that mindset too, I have half a year to declutter the house, sell any bits we no longer need and pass my test!.

Our family holiday is something we’ve all spoken about this past week and where we would like to go. A holiday is always fun planning and I think we are going to leave it until the last minute to find a good deal like we did last year.

How is everyone finding the new year so far and i would love to know any plans you have for 2024

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