Wednesday 10 January 2024


 Now hear me out. I am writing this while on my hot girl walk. Getting those steps in after work today and feeling so good for it. I sometimes get these thoughts whilst I’m on a walk listening to music.

It is the time when my thoughts and feelings are more alert and I have the head space for them.

Is life that difficult?. I will 100% hold my hands up and admit I am one of those people that have said it is , cost of living of course is hard , illnesses we have or occur of course , but I am talking about living .

Living your best life / is it that complicated?. I truly believe our life is what we make it and only you can change or alter your life or ways for the better.

The sun has hit me and a song has come on that reminds me of our holiday last year to Turkey . It’s put a smile on my face and it’s got me thinking of Mexico, that would be a place this year for sure , how cool would that be .

Now don’t get me wrong. Mezz and I don’t make tons and tons but last year we were able to save for a holiday and afford a lovely Christmas.

Saving a little each week, Vinted sales and extra bits of freelance work came in but most importantly my mindset was so focused on having a holiday, it happened.

The mind is such a powerful thing, good and bad . Anxiety and stress is a killer but I am trying to focus this year on changing my mindset even more so than last year ,

Like today/ I finished work and thought I haven’t got time for a walk, it won’t be a long one so there is no point, then thought what kind of attitude is that?, got my headphones and got out , and feel amazing for it , yes it’s freezing , but I changed my mindset and sometimes it’s not as easy as that but I guarantee you it’s a lot easier than you think.

I’m going to leave you with that thought because I am starting to think life isn’t that difficult and if you want something then get in the head space where you can almost feel it .

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