Friday 12 January 2024


 The 75 soft challenge is something I came across last year on social media. If you are new here then I have been on a fitness journey for quite a few years now, I have a PT, track my calories and love me a big bowl of protein oats! 

Not only do I love fitness, I love routine and habits. I am a creature of habits and this year I want to form some new ones. We all know it takes a while for them to stick so I am starting the 75 soft challenge to keep me accountable and I am really looking forward to it.


There are so many different rules going around, but I have amended some of them and made them my own, ones I can stick to and are feasible for me to do and achieve. The aim is to do these every day for 75 days if you weren't sure :) 


I am not able to get to the gym every day after work at the minute so I have amended this one to moving my body. Moving my body for 30 minutes every day. That can be a walk or a run on my treadmill. I bought a walking pad a few years ago and it has been a godsend!. A home workout or even a YouTube Disney exercise video with the children. 


Drink that water. I feel so much better for it when I do. I have a 1-litre bottle I got from the sales so I am aiming to drink two of them a day, if I drink more then it's a bonus. I will be adding some sugar-free squash into my water as your girl just isn't a plain water fan!. :)


My goal this year is to read a book a month, I am already one book down, I know right, but to make things a little easier, I am setting myself a chapter a night. Once dinner is done and the girls and I are snuggled for the evening, reading is a no-go so I might take my book on the bus when I pick the girls up after school to get some reading in. 

I have been using the five minute journal i got for Xmas and every day this new year i have been filling it in every morning and night so far :)


Washing my face in the evening is a struggle. I am way too tired, but, we are here to try and build a new habit right. I love skincare and feel so much better when I am cleaning my face properly, so skincare every night, please!.


For me this is being in my calorie deficit, I have a fitness goal and I am seriously neglecting it. Hello, Xmas mince pie food baby over here! I mean they did taste good at the time but now we are back on track. Eating well every day, trying to hit 100 grams of protein and making better choices with snacks.

Wish me luck, but I am sure I won't be needing it, I have got this. See you on the other side :)

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  1. You have most certainly got this! Xxx great goals and you have inspired me xx