Wednesday 15 May 2024


 It has been glorious today and what better way to enjoy the sunshine than having a picnic in the park. Whether you are looking for a quiet garden, a place to explore after your sandwiches or simply want to find some family-friendly parks in Staffordshire. 

Here are some of the best places for a picnic in Staffordshire.

Biddulph Grange Garden

If you are looking for National Trust picnic locations in Staffordshire then this one is a must. Just up the road from us, Biddulph Grange Garden offers a unique and picturesque setting for a picnic. The garden features various themed areas, including an Egyptian garden, a Chinese garden and more. They also have various activities on throughout the year to enjoy :)

Tunstall Park (Victoria Park)

If you are on the hunt for child-friendly picnic areas in Staffordshire then Tunstall park is ideal fro you. The park offers beautifully maintained gardens, a lake to feed the ducks and plenty of shaded areas under trees which is perfect. The big children’s play area makes it an ideal spot for a family picnic. At this current time of May 2024, they are updating the park.

Hanley Park

Hanley Park is one of the largest Victorian parks in Stoke-on-Trent. It has beautiful gardens and a large lake. With its recently renovated facilities, including a playground, sports courts, and a café, it’s a fantastic spot for a relaxed picnic and trying out some summer activities in Staffordshire in the sunshine :)

Hanley Forest Park

Hanley Forest Park offers a mix of greenery, a large lake which we love walking around and a skate park. They also have an impressive park for the children and quite regularly have the Stanworths fun fairs too!.

Westport Lake

For the best places for a picnic in Stoke-on-Trent, Westport Lake is perfect for a family-friendly summer picnic. The area has well-maintained walking trails, birdwatching opportunities and a visitor centre. There is an ice cream van and a cafe to enjoy a cup of coffee too!.

Cannock Chase

Designated as an area of outstanding natural beauty, Cannock Chase offers a stunning backdrop for a summer picnic. With expansive woodlands, heathlands, and dedicated picnic areas like Marquis Drive and Birches Valley, you’ll find plenty of spots to lay your blanket. They have the perfect Gruffalo trail at Cannock Chase for children which we are going to explore in the holidays.

Trentham Gardens

Trentham Gardens is a haven for a picnic day out. The gardens also feature an adventure playground, making it perfect for families. Bring your picnic basket and enjoy the serene environment or explore the garden's unique attractions. It also has a little shopping centre to explore afterwards.

Shugborough Estate

Another gem managed by the National Trust, Shugborough Estate combines historic charm with natural beauty. The estate features sprawling gardens, riverside meadows, and impressive architecture. With plenty of open space and scenic views, it’s an ideal spot for a leisurely picnic and a stroll through history if that is your kind of thing :)

Let's hope the sun stays for a while - Happy picnicking!!


  1. I am SO happy that the weather has warmed up! We love to bring our own food and picnic in the summer. It is such a fun budget travel experience!

  2. Your recommendations are a real lifesaver. We're especially excited to visit Cannock Chase and try the Gruffalo trail with the kids.

  3. picnicsssss yayyy...I can't wait for the weather to get better for us to go on our first picnic of the year. I can't can't wait.

  4. There seems to be a lot of fun places to have a picnic! What lovely ideas.