As some of you might know,if you follow us on our you-tube channel, I am coming up to the big 30 in April. As worrying and sad as this feels, it also marks a deadline for me that I set myself many years ago.


So its been half term this past week,which to be honest,it always worries me.I don't drive and Scott is at work most of the day so I have to rely on public transport,which is never reliable.So as usual we have had terrible weather,rain,wind and even the odd snowflake and with me having the flu we have tried to make the most out of a bad situation.So other than the odd days out we have spent most of the holidays snuggled inside with plenty of crafts and netflix to keep us going.


If you watch our vlogs you will know by now that Alessia has got extremely fussy with her main meals. Amongst not liking chicken curry or bolognaise,she has gone off pizza completely,which use to be one of her favourite dinners. Having to make the little madam something different when one of them meals were on the cards was becoming a pain and we ended up trying not to have them as much, poor Kadiann,her beloved pizza.

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