Baby number 3?

As some of you might know,if you follow us on our you-tube channel, I am coming up to the big 30 in April. As worrying and sad as this feels, it also marks a deadline for me that I set myself many years ago.

I have always loved the thought of having lots of children, they would always be there for each other and never feel alone,the more the merrier,I thought.Reality is a lot different. I had Kadiann at 17,and Alessia at 23, I was hoping for a smaller age gap,scared it would stop them from bonding but honestly,they have been each others rock when times have been hard,the best play buddies and have loved each other unconditionally,with the odd moan off Kadiann,which I expect now she is almost a teenager!,yes it breaks my heart my first born is approaching her first year as a teenager. Alessia will be 7 this year and no longer wants to be my baby,I do try,but Scott tells me off!.Suddenly I feel like times running out.

I set myself a deadline that If I was to have baby number 3 It would be before I reached 30.Up until 6 months ago I had come to terms with the fact that the girls,Scott and myself were going to be the completion of my little family,and willow of course.Now Im reaching 30 I am wondering If I have made the right decision.With my Pros and cons all written out I still do not know.

  • We obviously would love to extend the family 
  • The girls would have another sibling
  • I still have a few months to conceive before deadline :)
  • Financially stable
  • I am super broody

  • Bigger age gap this time
  • my low moods increasing
  • I am scared of child birth.....I know I have done it twice already!
  • the girls feeling jealous
  • Having to give up work

There are more but these are the main points I keep going over and over and honestly,i just do not know. I would love to know if any of you have ever felt like this whether it be an age issue or age gap,anything at all,leave a comment I would love to hear your stories and what you decided.


Half term fun

So its been half term this past week,which to be honest,it always worries me.I don't drive and Scott is at work most of the day so I have to rely on public transport,which is never reliable.So as usual we have had terrible weather,rain,wind and even the odd snowflake and with me having the flu we have tried to make the most out of a bad situation.So other than the odd days out we have spent most of the holidays snuggled inside with plenty of crafts and netflix to keep us going.With Kadiann stopping over at her friends house for a birthday party,I now had to find something fantastic to do to keep Alessia from feeling left out,with is never a pretty sight.We had a look in the craft cupboard and we found the shopkins shaker maker that she got for Christmas. It is by a company called Giochi Preziosi and they produce toys and tv series based on their toys.

We sat down at the table and got all the contents out of the box.All you need as extras are scissors and some warm water. Kadiann had shaker makers when she was younger so I am not new to these but explained the process to Alessia and honestly,these shaker makers are very easy,even for younger children and do not take long at all.So we went ahead and started on the first steps, then left it to dry for the 60 minutes required.

Alessia was so excited as it came out perfect!She chose the delicious donut mould,she also got strawberry kiss,I am sure all you fellow shopkin lovers will know who they are.All that was left was to paint it,leave it to dry,which took no more than 10 minutes,and place it on the stand that was provided.

It goes without saying that she absolutely loved making this and was eager to do the another one straight away,I persuaded her to save the other mould sachet,but have since found them on Amazon to purchase which is handy. She now has a project to take into school for show and tell that she made all by herself.My clever little Lessie Bug.

Pizza Wraps

If you watch our vlogs you will know by now that Alessia has got extremely fussy with her main meals. Amongst not liking chicken curry or bolognaise,she has gone off pizza completely,which use to be one of her favourite dinners. Having to make the little madam something different when one of them meals were on the cards was becoming a pain and we ended up trying not to have them as much, poor Kadiann,her beloved pizza.

So with it being my weekend off work  i decided to give the pizza wraps a go, with my shopping list in tow i headed to Sainsburys and purchased the rest of the ingredients i did not have. I set the dining table up with all the toppings that the girls had chosen, plus olives for mummy!. I called the girls down from playing in their bedrooms and they were very eager to get stuck in and decorate their Warburtons soft brown wraps.

Kadiann was a bit sceptical , with her being the ultimate pizzaholic!, but we popped them in the oven, gas mark 5 for 20 minutes,or until the cheese is fully melted.

When they were done we sat at the table and tucked in.Kadiann munched away and really enjoyed her pizza wrap. Saying she would never give up 'normal' pizzas for these ones , which made me giggle. With all my fingers and toes crossed i watched Alessia with anticipation. "Delicious" she said, I could not believe it, she ate the whole thing and even complained there was none left for seconds.

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