Simply Washing Tablets

I was contacted by Simply and was asked if we would like to review some of their products,which were the Simpy washing tablets.As a parent with an endless amount of washing I couldn't refuse.

The children and I suffer with Eczema and sensitive skin so I thought we would be great candidates for the testing!.As well as being kinder to sensitive skin sufferers these tablets have been clinically tested and proven to outperform leading brands without the added toxic chemicals that damage your health and the environment.

The blue pack is the Simply sensitive range.These tablets have a powerful non-biological formulation which has been clinically proven to provide optimum cleaning,disinfection and sanitization with a gentle perfume that gives your washing a nice fresh smell without all the nasties.These can be purchased on Amazon by clicking here, retailing at £14,58 for a pack of 48 tablets.

The orange pack is the Simply pure range.These have a hypo-allergenic formulation that is allergen,fragrance and phosphate free. Also non biological,which I stick to when washing the laundry.These can be purchased also from Amazon by clicking here, retailing at £14.98 for a pack of 48 tablets.

The soft tablets are sealed with a film that is dosed ,one tablet per wash,unless you have a bunch of mucky pups and end up with a seriously dirty load! and are soluble.

After trialling both packs,I have got to say I am very impressed.They are affordable priced,as well as Amazon,they can be found in Sainsbury's and Holland And Barrett. We have had no allergic reactions,which is always a worry with the children,and they have definitely cleaned out the array of laundry,from school wear to sweaty gym towels,these tablets have seriously done the job .

We have also had a some lovely weather and have been able to stick the washing on the line!.
One happy mummy .


Carddies Review & Give away

 Carddies sent the children a set each to review. Carddies are an award winning British portable colouring set that promotes pretend play,imagination and creativity. They have a variety of sets including the ones we got sent, the school set and the family 1 set.

The set contains 12 double sided hand drawn premium card characters, 12 plastic clip stands,12 high quality FSC colouring pencils and a card back scene which stands up,creating the perfect play area. All this is packed in a durable card box,making it perfect for on the go fun!.

The girls absolutely love them.We are big fans of colouring in anyway and these have kept us all entertained for hours.The concentration Alessia has shown with these have been adorable,treasuring them like her little friends.

We have had competitions on who has made the coolest outfit colour choice,named our Carddie family and designed them a school uniform that Kadiann would love to wear for school.

We also took our Carddie friends to Sainsburys where they kept the girls and I entertained whilst waiting for our lunch.Being so compact they fit in your handbag with ease and are super light.

They also live in our Dolls house when we are at home and fit in with the barbie doll family very nicely.Little baby Freddie taking a bath.

 They retail at £8.99 and can be purchased by clicking here as well as other places such as Ocado!, I found them whilst doing my shopping. I have also been given a special discount for you to use. 5% saving on 1 set, 10% saving on 2 or 3 sets and 15% saving on 4 or more sets, which is fantastic!. Use code LOVECARD at the checkout,offer ends 30th June 2016.

We also have a Carddies caveman set to give away. To enter the give away simply go and follow the Carddie's team over on Facebook-Carddies,Twitter-Carddies and Instagram-Carddies_uk.Then head on over to our youtube video review below comment with confirmation and that's you entered,simple as that.Closing date is 15th April 2016,winner will be announced on the 17th April 2016.

A big thank you to Raquel and the lovely team at Carddies , it has been a pleasure working with you and we look forward to more adventures with you in the future.


Glebe Farm

It was Ostara on Sunday, the first day of Spring. As pagans this is one of the holidays from the wheel of the year that we celebrate. Lucky for us it was a beautiful Sunday,dry and the sun was shining,what a great day for the farm.

Glebe farm  is quite local to us,25 minutes drive,we went there last year and had a lovely time so decided to take the girls there again. It's a small family farm,they have llamas,horses,pigs,cows,birds,sheep and goats.They also have a play area,which is currently being renovated for the summer.

The girl's bought some carrots to feed the animals. Kadiann was more keen than Alessia,being the shyer one,but by the end of the afternoon she managed to feed the horses which was amazing.

They also have a courtyard full of different shops ranging from yoga classes,toy shops to having lunch in the cafe or the coffee house. The girls love having lunch here as the food is delicious!.

They also stayed at the jack in the green which is run by a lovely lady and her dog,yes dog.It is a child's dream ,full of tons of crafting projects to do.

You can purchase your item and take it home or spend the afternoon there,which the girls did,and create a lovely piece. Alessia chose to paint her fairy whilst Kadiann decided to give decoupage a go on her cat money box,easier said than done! We left the girl's master pieces there so the lady can bake them and we will be picking them up later on next week where they have a whole 2 weeks of fun in the half term.

We had a lovely family day out and these are the days that we cherish as a working parent family it is hard to get us all together at the same time,but we managed ,and we look forward to more days like these very soon.

Thank you for reading

Amazing! magazine and the children agree! Plus give away :) **CLOSED**

We were contacted by Amazing! magazine asking if they could send the girls some copies of their magazine. I followed there link and had a browse. It is a monthly magazine that is packed with articles,facts,stories,debates,poetry,activities,puzzles and jokes. It actually reminded me of horrible histories straight away,to later find out that alongside writers from the Simpsons and Beano, the ex-editor of Horrible Histories was also apart of the team.

We received two copies in the post a few days later and we have all had a read.The magazine is aimed at children aged 7+ .The content is based on the national curriculum so it covers subjects such as Maths, English,Science,History,Geography,Arts,Foreign Languages and Personal Development.These are all in sections so are easy to find which part you would like to look at next. I must say I am very impressed ,not only did it make the children laugh,it caught their attention,even the cats!,especially with gross sections such as the bogie bites recipe.

The girls loved making the Art and Design project which was a catapult,no one got hurt,which is a first!.We love crafts and will be tackling the articulated hand next,which looks Amazing,pun not intended!. The magazine is such good quality, full of colour and has fantastic pictures and being educational is a win win in my eyes.

The annual subscription is only £49 for 12 issues (Monthly) or there is a digital subscription for all you electronic lovers which is available from iTunes,Google-play and Kindle store for £23.99. I also have a special offer of 10%  off subscriptions for you readers,just enter the code WOW10 at the checkout here.

I also have a fantastic give-away for you all.10 lucky winners will receive a copy of the Amazing! Magazine May edition. To enter all you have to do is enter below.There are 6 ways to enter,which means 6 chances of winning.Winners will be announced on the 10th April and your copies will be with you by the 10th May.
Good Luck

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Mothers Day

So it is Mothers Day and as everyone wishes for it to be the most 'perfect' day, breakfast in bed, I made my own, no moaning or fighting, peaceful and no housework, that didn't happen here.
All families are different,and that is OK,we all have our own ways of celebrating things and sometimes they don't go as planned.

My Mothers day started off with Alessia waking me up,snuggling for 15 minutes and then telling me she wanted bacon and eggs for breakfast.I did try and summons Kadiann for a quick cup of tea in bed but even she was having none of it so I decided to make it myself.It started snowing this morning then the sun got brighter as the morning went on which was lovely.

The girls got me some really lovely gifts,lush products had to be in there somewhere, and the unmumsy mum book which I can not wait to get stuck into. Kadiann always writes the most amazing cards and keeping in with tradition I cried my eyes out reading it. She has a way with words and I know deep down she means every single one of them.

We had tears and tantrums, arguments galore before finally heading out for lunch,even that was a debate on where to go,I just wanted a nice carvery and we ended up in The Plough,its lovely in there,we have been a few times, apple and cinnamon crumble with cream for pudding,I was extremely full!.

Alessia wanted to go to the park afterwards,even though it felt like -5 by this time and Kadiann disagreeing to the idea we headed there anyway, quick stop at Sainsburys for Scott to get the mother in law a card.

The girls played lovely together which is always lovely to see and they absolutely love each other to bits,although they do not show it at times,.The park was a success and they got to let off some steam. We ended up going into Scott's parents house for a coffee,awkward, I did it for him so I hope he appreciates it.

Now the kiddies are in bed , I am going to make myself the biggest mug of tea, run a bath and soak all my worries away,If only,. I hope you have all had a nice day,or made it the best you can and remember to take time out for yourself more than just one day a year!

Kira X
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