I was contacted by Simply and was asked if we would like to review some of their products,which were the Simpy washing tablets.As a parent with an endless amount of washing I couldn't refuse.

The children and I suffer with Eczema and sensitive skin so I thought we would be great candidates for the testing!.As well as being kinder to sensitive skin sufferers these tablets have been clinically tested and proven to outperform leading brands without the added toxic chemicals that damage your health and the environment.


 Carddies sent the children a set each to review. Carddies are an award winning British portable colouring set that promotes pretend play,imagination and creativity. They have a variety of sets including the ones we got sent, the school set and the family 1 set.


It was Ostara on Sunday, the first day of Spring. As pagans this is one of the holidays from the wheel of the year that we celebrate. Lucky for us it was a beautiful Sunday,dry and the sun was shining,what a great day for the farm.


We were contacted by Amazing! magazine asking if they could send the girls some copies of their magazine. I followed there link and had a browse. It is a monthly magazine that is packed with articles,facts,stories,debates,poetry,activities,puzzles and jokes. It actually reminded me of horrible histories straight away,to later find out that alongside writers from the Simpsons and Beano, the ex-editor of Horrible Histories was also apart of the team.


So it is Mothers Day and as everyone wishes for it to be the most 'perfect' day, breakfast in bed, I made my own, no moaning or fighting, peaceful and no housework, that didn't happen here.
All families are different,and that is OK,we all have our own ways of celebrating things and sometimes they don't go as planned.

My Mothers day started off with Alessia waking me up,snuggling for 15 minutes and then telling me she wanted bacon and eggs for breakfast.I did try and summons Kadiann for a quick cup of tea in bed but even she was having none of it so I decided to make it myself.It started snowing this morning then the sun got brighter as the morning went on which was lovely.

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