FA Girls Football Week - #WeCanPlay

We have had an amazing opportunity, to have been invited to Wembley Stadium to raise awareness of FA Girls' Football Week. With Kadiann eagerly wanting to start football,I thought this was such a great experience and the best place to start. 

Monkey Forest | REVIEW

We have been very lucky to have had the chance to explore the Monkey Forest in Trentham,Staffordshire and let you all know what we think.

Appy Kids Drinks Review & Giveaway

The girls were delighted to get sent some of the Appy Kids juices last week. We received a variety of flavours and characters, Dora the explorer, George and the teenage mutant ninja turtles.The girls love carton juices as they are very convenient to grab out of the fridge, yes I have been blessed with not one,but two lazy sods!, but carton juices always seem to be packed with nasties.

Mum guilt-Working Parents [Unconventional Diary #6]

Mum guilt has crept up on me today so I thought it would be a great issue to write about.I have been back at work for almost 2 years now and at first it was much needed.

Being a stay at home mum and Scott working full time had its plus sides,but being stuck in with just the four walls to look at was becoming a nightmare and depression was slowly approaching and I was losing a piece of myself more and more each day.

Galt ABC Beads | Review

The girls have been busy this weekend reviewing the Galt ABC beads set. I use to make and sell jewellery so the children are quite the craftsmen when it comes to beads and string!.

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