FA Girls Football Week - #WeCanPlay

We have had an amazing opportunity, to have been invited to Wembley Stadium to raise awareness of FA Girls' Football Week. With Kadiann eagerly wanting to start football,I thought this was such a great experience and the best place to start. 

FA Girls' Football week takes place on Monday 25th April and it is all about promoting and raising awareness of the opportunities for girls aged 7-16 to play Football locally, and to help encourage positive perception changes for everyone, especially to our girls that want to play but feel they cant.

To find your local football opportunity go to http://www.thefa.com/play-football.We have found one for Kadiann already,i didn't realise football for girls was so accessible.We have already been out and kitted her up with all the gear, its all or nothing with that one!.

*Kadiann's thoughts on the day*

'We Can Play' is a campaign that the FA launched last year to help embrace women's football and to spread the message that girls can play football too and that this sport is not just for boys,which Kadiann thought was a fantastic message and was sure to go into school and let all the boys know!.
If you too would like to help change this horrible perception of football is 'just for boys' and for more information then head over to the http://www.thefa.com/girlsfootballweek and help get our girls on the pitch!.

We also met Kelly Smith, being an arsenal supporter myself, I was a little star struck!.She was lovely,and had a few wise words for Kadiann which I really felt boost her confidence.She also ended up on our Wembley tour which was fantastic and so much fun.

After lunch the girls had a chance to take part in a football skills session at Wembley Powerleague  which they all did fantastic,not only did they get to have a kick about but the coaches also gave them some good advice and Kadiann has bought that back with her,even Kelly enjoyed the kick about.

We have had an amazing experience at Wembley Staduim with Kelly Smith.Kadiann has benefited massively from this opportunity,sky is the limit now.

Monkey Forest

We have been very lucky to have had the chance to explore the Monkey Forest in Trentham,Staffordshire and let you all know what we think.

We chose to go on the Sunday,just gone, and what a fantastic day we picked!. The weather was beautiful so I decided to pack a picnic and make the most of it.

The Monkey Forest is situated in Staffordshire and has 140 Barbary macaques living freely within a 60 acre woodland, which is absolutely stunning.

This was the first time we had visited the Monkey Forest and we was overwhelmed with how relaxed the monkeys were, eating away at their mango or chasing their friends around, they were not bothered by us being there in the slightest,which made it a lot easier for me to relax,yes I was scared!.

They also held talks every hour, hosted by one of the many members of staff around the park,which gave you some insight into the monkeys, the differences between the males and females, life expectancy, their diet etc and answered any questions we had.This was very interesting and we loved how the staff engaged with us all.

There were information stands situated all around the forest with different facts, knowledge and questions about the monkeys.

The girls had some time in the play area whilst a much needed coffee break took place.There are two different parks,one aimed at children under 6 years and one for the older kiddies.

Although I think Kadiann had more fun in the younger park. Photographic evidence below!

The day ended with a lot of time spent in the gift shop,which was not a surprise,the girls are suckers for a souvenir and they both picked out some lovely bits, cuddly monkey teddies, Alessia chose the monkey king usbourne story book and we couldn't go away without a monkey forest pen and notepad.

If you are thinking of visiting the Monkey Forest, all information regarding price, parking,directions and opening times can be found here.

Go and check out our day in action over on our youtube channel 

We absolutely loved exploring the Monkey Forest and will be sure to visit again.

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Appy Kids Drinks Review & Giveaway

The girls were delighted to get sent some of the Appy Kids juices last week. We received a variety of flavours and characters, Dora the explorer, George and the teenage mutant ninja turtles.The girls love carton juices as they are very convenient to grab out of the fridge, yes I have been blessed with not one,but two lazy sods!, but carton juices always seem to be packed with nasties.

I was pleasantly surprised with the ingredients in these ones,100% natural juice and spring water,using stevia,which is a calorie free sugar alternative,making these the perfect drink for picnics out,meal times and school pack lunches.

The drinks are available from a wide range of stockists,I have already added the spongebob square pants ones to my Ocado order,the girls were slightly gutted they hadn't received a sponge bob,kids!.

I have also got a fantastic Hamper to give away, pictured below,  enter via the link and follow the steps for a chance to win.Closing date 1st May 2016.

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Mum guilt-Working Parents

Mum guilt has crept up on me today so I thought it would be a great issue to write about.I have been back at work for almost 2 years now and at first it was much needed.

Being a stay at home mum and Scott working full time had its plus sides,but being stuck in with just the four walls to look at was becoming a nightmare and depression was slowly approaching and I was losing a piece of myself more and more each day.

I started sewing 4 years ago and had started selling some of my pieces and decided that this was the career I was going to achieve whilst being at home but having no adult contact all day and being isolated left me with no motivation and the sewing dream in the cupboard along with my boxes of endless fabric and four sewing machines.

When the opportunity came up to start working again as a community care worker I honestly can not tell you how happy I was.I needed to get back out there to save myself and I dived in head first.

I work part-time but have to be up for 5am to get ready and give myself time to get to my first call. This means some mornings the children do not see me ,which breaks my heart, and I wont see them until they finish school at 3.30pm. I finish work at 2pm on a weekday and 6.30pm on the weekends. By the time the girls finish school,come 5pm and I cant keep my eyes open so snuggling on the sofa watching a movie can sometimes end in me falling asleep! Mum guilt!.

I sometimes ask myself if going back to work was the right thing to do ,the girls miss me in the mornings and the weekends, half terms can be very tricky and we all have to work around schedules, but they know that I work for them, staying at home was breaking me and I was turning into a depressing mess and that's no way to be a parent.

The time we do have on days off and trips out are cherished,sometimes they just want to stay at home and have lazy days, and at first I felt the urge to spend every day off doing something fantastic and exciting,there's that mum guilt again,but I have found that the children are quite content with life ,with me working,with lazy days in and day trips out,and you know what? I'm okay with that.As long as they are happy, I am happy.


So if any of you have that 'mum guilt' or 'dad guilt' or whatever guilt you feel regarding working, remember that you work for not only your sanity (and the money is a bonus) ,but for your wonderful children,showing them that working and following your own goals is important.

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Galt ABC Beads

The girls have been busy this weekend reviewing the Galt ABC beads set. I use to make and sell jewellery so the children are quite the craftsmen when it comes to beads and string!.

The box contains almost everything you need,minus a ruler,which took ages to find!,sellotape,not a must though, and scissors. The beads are neon themed and very eye catching.The contents box can also be used to store all your beads and can be used as a work station,which is brilliant.

They each chose the colour string they wanted,cut it to size and set their beads up ready for threading.

 The blunt needle provided is an excellent tool for the younger ones if they have difficulty threading,even Alessia ended up using it, and it also stops your children from feeling like they can't manage it on their own.

There are 180 lettered beads and other beads to go round so no fighting or moaning over who picked the only letter A. This makes it a lot easier and stress free,so the girls can get on with their projects without the worry of missing letters. 

The concentration and effort the girl's put into their bracelets was fantastic.They really do enjoy crafting and we spent hours making bracelets for everyone.

Go check out the girls in action over on our youtube channel :)

Thank you so much to Galt for sending us this set to review.We had so much fun and we look forward to the next set .


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