Happy New Year - I hope you celebrated the way you wanted to and you are feeling ready to enter 2020 the best way possible:)

I don’t normally do resolutions as I personally feel they almost seem like pressure on you to complete  as such.

Instead I set some intentions for the year and focus on them rather than trying to do something and if I fall at the last hurdle , feel absolutely awful about it .

Towards the end of 2019 I went through a bit of a rough patch personally, and I came through it and if you like , started fresh and moved forward with change .

I also felt like I found myself a bit more , I think we all go through this in life don’t we?. At 33, I can finally say that I happy with who I am and want to continue growing as a person .

My intentions for the year ...

I have thought about this quite a lot and the first one , no word of a doubt is to be kinder to myself . I am forever doubting myself , my parenting . My work - in general , I think we do put a lot of pressure on ourselves as human beings .

To gentle parent a bit more - I am one to say no to the fort because I have just made the beds - I haven’t always been like this , and I want to get back to the point in my life where anxiousness didn’t take over . I am actually writing this whilst the girls are making dens and we are having a sleepover in the younger twos room , so I’m happy :)

To explore more and take the ‘moments’. I forever tell myself it’s to cold to go out then will regret it . Do not regret anything and explore more and live in the moment .

To grow more in my craft and also as a family . It’s good to take time out as I want to put self care and love to the test this head , I started a bit towards the end of last year and I want to explore more as a family and go on more adventures:)

I’d love to hear if you have any intentions this year and what they are :)


  1. I have the same intentions as you, looking to work on my mindfulness. I have actually had a full year and half of stress, and its time I started to focus on myself a little and try and stop over thinking and over focusing on the negatives.

  2. There is nothing more important than setting intentions for the year as opposed to resolutions, wish you all the best for 2020.

  3. Loving the sound of your intentions for the year, ones that I feel most parents will be adding to their list this year.

  4. It reads like you're trying to do a lot. It's always easy to write things down but much harder to actually implement them. Please take it easy!

  5. I am so with you on the gentle parenting, our lives are so busy sometimes the kids just want to kick back and play in their own space without a stressed parent saying no all the time

  6. I prefer intentions than goals. They feel more natural. My own is to navigate my first year of motherhood without losing myself. There are no real goals around that - it's more about being true to myself and not letting the judgements of others get in the way of that.
    C x

  7. I prefer intentions too, so much less pressure. Mine is to read more books. I find myself on my laptop until late evening and I'm trying to stop that and enjoy more "me time".

  8. I love this Kira, I feel the same about resolutions at New Year and so will usually set intentions alongside a word of the year to help me focus.


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