Tuesday 10 October 2017


Sunday afternoon we made sure our chicken dinner was ready a little earlier,reading and homework completed and bath time all done ready for our Movie night.Nights like this are rare so we put the salt lamp on,snuggled up in bed and pressed play.

 We watched a movie called Spark, it is basically about a teenage Monkey who lives on an abandoned planet with his friends.Thirteen years ago the evil Zhong seized control of their planet Bana,which wiped poor Spark's family out and sent him into hiding.

Zhong plans on destroying the entire universe and only Spark can save him, with his trusted friends-Vix the fox and Chunk the pig.

I won't give anymore  away so do not worry. There are no spoilers here :)

I have got to say we really enjoyed this film, it reminded me a bit of a cartoon version of Star Wars-which was quite cool.

I was surprised to find out some of the voices for the characters came from actress Hilary Swank and Patrick Stewart.Spark was played by Jace Norman,Alessia being a huge Henry Danger fan,she was so impressed!, even Kadiann watched it!.

We have given this movie a rating of 7/10 and would definitely recommend it for a movie night-don't forget your popcorn :)

*We were sent this product in exchange for an honest review*

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