Tuesday 8 October 2019


When it comes to board games you know we love trying out new ones - especially ones that are a little bit different as let’s be honest , some can get a little same old can’t they !

We were kindly sent Ginger fox’s new game to test out - dough nab, on first impressions of it , it made me slightly hungry, not gonna lie , so we did end up picking some Krispy Kremes to get ‘in the spirit’ :).

Inside the box you get three different coloured plastic donuts, the donut game cards, a turn taker coin and a chef hat, which is for the winner - although Nila kept running off with this!

This game is recommended for ages 8+, which we thought was pretty accurate  as Alessia is 10 and played it with ease. Game play is best suitable for 3-6 players .

The aim of the game is to basically end up with the most donut cards and no other cards.This is done by placing the cards in a pile one by one until you get a sequence of three same coloured donut cards in a row .

There are four different donut cards - the don’t nab!, the nab!, the magic donut and the crumbs .

Don’t be fooled by all the cards as some of them are out to get you- for example , the crumbs card means you can’t grab anything , which is the worse if you’ve already had two cards the same put down and are waiting on another to grab them donuts.

We’ve had such fun playing this and i think it’s also a great quick game before dinner or after dinner . It kind of reminds me of snap and uno in one - and we love both of them!.

Great game to get for Christmas this year !!

- We were sent this product in exchange for an honest review 

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