Thursday 10 October 2019


Now Nila is a little bit older , we have been planning out more trips around the world.The thought of taking her abroad whilst she was a baby just worried me so we said we would wait until she was older.

She is two now and we can not wait to go on our first family holiday abroad with little Nila bug. It also  helps that Nila is a little obsessed with aeroplanes and always gets excited when we talk about going on one.

Being a family of five can get expensive so trying to find the best deal for us is absolutely crucial.  Ocean- Florida  have some really good deals on their site aswell as some really affordable package deals. You can filter out what is essential for your stay which makes things a lot easier and quicker for you to narrow down your options :)

From the choice of a family villa with your own private pool , to being close to the places the kiddies will definitely want to check out ...Disney :)

We’ve got three things on our bucket list for Florida , I say ‘we’ , but it’s mostly the kids :) . First one is an obvious one - Disney. I think no matter how old you are , you are always excited at the possibility of Disney and I am so excited to go Disney- we are BIG Disney fans !

Madame Tussaud’s - We’ve been to quite a few around the UK , but the girls would absolutely love to check out this one , with all the Nickelodeon casts and Netflix stars , we are looking forward to seeing who we bump into there :)

This one might be an odd one for some , but if you’ve followed us for a while then you will know Alessia is absolutely fascinated by the Titanic. We’ve watched the film a thousand times , got all sorts of books out of the library and also researched it online - she loves it .

The Titanic artifact exhibition is something Alessia would absolutely love. The tour is done by actors that play parts of the actual cast and crew.There is also a reproduction of the staircase that Rose comes down!.

You can also touch a replica of an iceberg, experiencing the water temperature that the passengers felt. The attraction sounds incredible and I think it’s definitely something different and memorable.

I’d love to know if you’ve been to Florida and if there is anywhere you would recommend to go and seenor do whilst we are there :)

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