Saturday 12 October 2019


Alessia has been on a camping trip with the school for the three days .Their topic this term is Stone Age and the trip was for them to learn a bit more about the stone  age and recreate some of the things they had to do .

They set off on Wednesday and came back yesterday and did I miss her!, it’s been awful for me but she really has had the best time .

She has learnt so much over the past three days - how to make a fire , which I was fortunate enough to get photos of the trip during these past days as the school uploaded them onto the school app :) , which also put my mind at rest .

She’s made fresh bread on the camp fire , which sounds amazing. They made forts and dens and also made swings from the trees to entertain them - no kindles or ipads in the stone ages kids :)

I love that it has given her a little bit of independence- helping out with dinner , washing up afterwards and making sure she is warm enough and washed and dressed according to the weather.

It might sound obvious for some , but I do think I have tried to keep alessia a baby for as long as possible, so she does rely on me a lot . She said she cried for me on the first night but was ok on the second and I am so proud of her .

She’s absolutely shattered today and is still tired so the weekend calls for lots of snuggles on the sofa and I’m sure the laptop will make an appearance:)

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