Monday 14 October 2019


One thing I do love about this house is the living room. It Isn’t the biggest but it’s the warmest room in the house , which is definitely a first .

Every other house we have ever lived in , the living room area has always been absolutely freezing . No amount of carpets or thick fluffy rugs did the trick . We’d always have to layer up - especially in the winter months

We have always wanted wooden flooring . I absolutely love the look of it and I’ve always said one day we will get it . We’ve been doing up the rooms in the house over the last 6 months and we are hoping to get the living room done in time for Christmas.

With this room being so warm, we’ve decided to finally treat ourselves and get the dream wooden flooring I’ve been wanting ! :)

Now I’m no expert when it comes to flooring and the different types but I have scrolled the internet - as we all do :) , and have found some really lovely and affordable flooring, including engineered wood flooring .

Engineered Wood Flooring  is actually the most popular type of wood flooring around- which I didn’t know . I also didn’t know wooden flooring also needs underlay - so definitely do your research!.

Flooring 365 offer engineered wooden  flooring at a really great price. They offer long lasting , moisture resistant and good quality wood. You can also request a sample for free online too which I thought was brilliant.

I think we are going to go with a dark coloured wood - perfect for this time of year and pair it up with a chunky rug for all them hot chocolates and Christmas films by the fire :)

If you’ve done the swap from carpet to engineered wooden flooring , I’d love to know how it went and what design you chose .

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