Sunday 4 October 2020


Running a business from home can be a tough act to pull off, especially in the long term when the first flush of excitement has passed.

Some business types are easier to manage than others. For instance, if you’re offering a service it’s easier to manage space than if you’re selling a physical product where you need storage.
Even so, having the right working environment and an effective storage system can really help in maintaining a good work/life balance, running the business profitably and making it a success.

Figure out Your Space

What kind of workspace do you need? 

• When you create the product you sell, you need somewhere to work and somewhere to store your tools.
• When your work is creative but computer-based, for instance writing or blogging, you need the kind of space and atmosphere where you can think and get your ideas together.
• If your business involves online retail, you need a secure place to hold your stock.
Understanding the type of space that sets your business up for success puts you ahead of the competition in efficiency and time management .

Play to Your Own Strengths

Say you’re a blogger or freelance writer. Conventional wisdom tells you an office is vital. But supposing you don’t have an office or a spare room at home you can turn into one? Supposing, also, you’re the kind of person that thrives on other people’s energy, so you need some noise and movement around you? In that case, being shut in a room on your own might totally shut down your creativity.

So, ignore conventional wisdom. Find yourself a cosy corner where you can curl up with your laptop, maybe have a side table with a drawer for notebooks and pens or flash drives to backup digital files. You could even have a set of shelves or a bookcase where you can pop your printer and paper supply if you like to print out your drafts.

Online retailers often have trouble with stock storage. What starts out as a couple of boxes can easily turn into several dozen boxes when the business takes off. Conventional wisdom again might tell you to keep stuff in the loft, garage or piled up in the bedroom.
It might work for a while, but a more efficient option might be a self storage room where you’d have space to organise your stock properly so you can cut down on handling time. Keeping stock away from home also preserves your living space and prevents you feeling like you’re always surrounded by work. Not being able to get away from work is a fast lane to burnout.

Self storage facilities often welcome business owners. You can install freestanding shelves or hanging rails, and they often have long opening hours so you can work when it suits you.

Organise Your Stock or Home Office

Whether you rent a self storage room for your home or you cordon off a space at home for stock, getting it organised will cut down your working hours and increase your profits. 
Best tips for stock rooms include:

• Use transparent tubs for small items so you can see at aglance what’s inside.
• Label your boxes clearly.
• Have designated spaces on shelves for stock items. It makes it easier to unpack deliveries and monitor stock levels.
• In a stock room, keep fastest sellers closest to the door.
• If there’s room, have neat rows of shelves you can easily walk between rather than making a maze you have to navigate to get to stored items.
• Hold regular sales or giveaways to clear old stock and make way for new items.
Best tips for home offices are:
• Keep your gear or tools close at hand. Storage furnishings such as tables with drawers or lift tops or decorative items like chests or ottomans are good in shared spaces like living rooms.
• Cordon off an area in a shared room. Use a room divider or a turned-out bookcase if there’s space.
• Put up shelves around a computer workstation so there’s somewhere handy for books, paper or other necessary small items that tend to get lost.
• Make sure you have ready access to plug sockets for computers or chargers.

Whatever sort of business you’re running from home, optimising your storage and your work environment is vital. Not only does it make for more efficient time management, it makes ‘going to work’ far more enjoyable.

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