Thursday 31 December 2020


 We are snuggled up in bed watching Harry Potter and the chamber of secrets , an hour before we welcome in the year 2021.

We’ve got crisps and snacks and Alessia is loving the fireworks that are going off and excited to see in the new year - she is always the only one that can manage to stay awake until midnight :)

I am anxious for what next year is going to bring . I don’t think any of us knew how bad this year was going to end up but reflecting on 2020 , we had some really good memories and achievements and I think we all did didn’t we ?.

I wanted to document them for years to come when we remember the year we stayed at home and how rubbish it was , but also the happy memories too.

This year was the year we all celebrated birthdays in lockdown and still had amazing days and even ordered in American birthday cake for mine! :)

We had the hottest summer we have had in years and years!! and I got the best tan and was so chuffed , it’s the small things in life ! I’ve been to Turkey , Spain and I just don’t tan so it was definitely a memory to add here :) 

Nila went from nappies to knickers and fully dry ,day and night within 6 weeks. She absolutely smashed potty training and she was so proud of herself and so was we.

She also started nursery this year and absolutely loves it!.  

We got to visit my parents more times than we usually do in a year , which I am so grateful for . My dad found out he has incurable cancer at the beginning of this year so making memories with them was so important for me and we had a blast with them.!

Kadiann and I spent  quality time together, we didn’t have any choice but to be together because of lockdown and it was really needed. Movie nights ,late night gossips, takeaways , I will cherish them moments  💜

I managed to save enough money to start my driving lessons next year which I would never of been able to do otherwise . I really knuckled down on saving and meal planning and budgeting this year and it definitely paid off.

Alessia learnt how to ride a bike , absolutely nailed it which I was so surprised  at , her determination was incredible and learnt in just one day out on her bike .

We’ve had the best Xmas together , laughter , good food , spoilt  with presents , was amazing and smiled a lot .

Here’s to 2020, although it’s been a struggle , there were some happy times , cheers to 2021, let’s keep positive and we can get through this next year.

Happy New Year 


  1. Happy new year! Like you, I want to look back on the good times and I think it is important to document them. A post like this is a great idea x

  2. You're so right that there have been some struggles but also some happy times, and it's these happy times we need to focus on x

  3. Happy New Year, I hope 2021 is good to you all. It's nice to look back on the year isn't it? I was surprised how much we actually achieved during lockdown.