Saturday 2 January 2021


Fuzzikins is something we have been collecting over the years . If you are not familiar with them , they are cute little figures you can colour in and have endless amounts of play with .

There are so many different sets you can get , and we were kindly sent the mega pack to review over Christmas. 

Nila was so excited as she has been asking for some more and this set is definitely the ultimate kind, it is huge!.

The idea behind fuzzikins is endless amounts of play and imagination. You  colour in your fuzzikins and accessories, rinse them off and can start all over again.

In this set you get 6 cute little fuzzikins ,washable colouring pens , a chest to colour and keep all your bits in and 16 different accessories, including a doctors set , rings and a unicorn horn , so cute!.

I love the concept behind them and love the fact you can play over and over again and recreate your little fuzzikins into anything you like and simple wash them off.

Dress them up in their accessories and turn them into superhero’s and doctors and so much more , then store it all away in the chest so no bits get lost , or trod on ! :)

Great for sharing too as the girls don’t like the same thing or designs  , I definitely think this is a sibling thing :) so they do their different colourings and share the fuzzikins rather than having to have a whole set each.

They would make great gifts for Christmas and birthdays and they also do little sets which would be fab for pocket money spending .

This set retails at £19.99 and can be purchased from Smyths Toys  

-Gifted item in exchange for a review 


  1. This sounds like a lot of fun - Olivia would love something like this. It is very affordable too which is great.

  2. My niece and nephew love any collectibles but I can't keep up on what they are collecting now.

  3. I love the idea you can colour these and wash off and do it again, that makes them last a long time. Mich x