Monday 29 March 2021


Easter is only a week away and we’ve been busy getting the chocolate eggs and goodies ready for a lovely weekend of fun!.

We all love getting treats at Easter and it definitely isn’t a time just for kids.I’ve put together this Easter gift ideas for the whole family , so we all get a little treat this Easter :)

Sweeties have got to make an appearance and we always pick up our favourites - Haribos! . The girls can’t get enough of them and mummy does pinch a  few too. 

Haribo are always on form with their seasonal selections and they always make the girls happy - especially this cute little chick selection pack.

Chocolate eggs!- of course chocolate eggs are a must have aren’t they?, I think we all love chocolate and Mummy Meagz have an amazing range of chocolate eggs.

Dairy free , vegetarian and vegan - there is something for absolutely everybody, and take my word for it , everything tastes delicious!

The girls love getting colouring sets in their Easter bags, it’s a tradition we have had for so many years.

Nila has a set of Carddies in hers this year - another one to add to her ever growing collection.

Carddies are a great gift for little ones as it teaches them creative and imaginative play, and Nila loves sitting and playing with her Carddies. We love taking them on our travels too! 

Sticking with colouring - books and stationary are my little obsession, I have quite a collection of stationary and stabilo is one of my favourites, look at this selection of goodies ! :)

Gin!, Say no more ! ,You all know me so well , and you all know I absolutely love Mermaid Gin from Isle of Wight distillery.It is my absolute favourite and I love the bottles , I save mine and reuse them for flowers, so so so pretty. 

If you prefer beer then Round Corner Brewing   have the perfect selection for your Easter garden bbqs this weekend , fingers crossed the sun keeps on shining.

They currently have a fantastic Easter box on offer so definitely go and check them out for a bargain deal :)

I hope I’ve given you some ideas and I hope you have a lovely Easter weekend.

-Gifted items 


  1. What a fabulous selection of Easter treats for all! Is it wrong I would probably plump for the Haribo? I am loving their Easter Egg range at the moment!

  2. This is perfect as you have an item for every family member, chocolates and Mermaid Gin for myself, maybe I might colouring pencils and Haribo for the kids and a brew for my husband.

  3. Oh wow - the Mermaid Gin looks incredible! The bottle is absolutely gorgeous and I bet the contents are just as wonderful.

  4. Some lovely Easter ideas here! I love the look of the Haribo Chick n Mix - that is so cute and cool and perfect for this time of year.

  5. Great gift ideas for Easter, you can never have to many easter eggs and the Mermaid Gin is perfect for us adults

  6. What an incredible selection of Easter treats for everyone, we are very big fans of Haribo here - they are the best sweets.