Saturday 21 August 2021


 This past two weeks all Nila has said is how much she wants to go to the beach , she is honestly obsessed.

We went to Great Yarmouth beach last week and we had such a lovely day. She was besotted with it and didn’t want to leave .

Then we head rain , but I promised both the girls , if the sun came out again before we left we would try and get back for another beach day.

We went to Norwich this morning for a little mooch, I love going there when we come up here to see my mum and dad as it has the best noodle bar and it’s definitely a better shopping experience then back home :)

We got a few bargains in TKMAXX and the girls got some treats too.

We didn’t actually get back until nearly 6pm , but the sun was shining and it was such a lovely evening , so we popped some towels in a bag and headed to Hemsby beach.

I am so glad we did . The girls had a lovely evening , they made some friends and Nila ended up down to her knickers , she just dives into the sea and hopes for best :)

She has such a love for the sea and loves being in it . Splashing away and the little smile on her face , it honestly melts my heart.

We’ve had a blast tonight and these moments are what count . Making memories and capturing the happy times . I wish I could bottle them all up :)


  1. There is nothing quite like the beach is there? I wish I could go more often but we live so far away. Plus TK Maxx bargains! Fantastic.

  2. I do love days out at the beach, I have not been to Great Yarmouth but my grandparents used to love going there for holidays